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Reminding Australians what it could be like if the NLP continues destroying Australian Medicare, Pensions, Disability Insurance, Public Housing and social services:


FrayedBear 9 Oct 3
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Wow, that’s awful 🙁

How does England compare these days with the abysmal destruction of the NHS, Social Security and ongoing senicide now helped by C19?

@FrayedBear it depends where you live, people that can afford to live in the villages, and the wealthy, can be largely oblivious of any issues, unless they want to know. My family lives in a small town and my father believes that there are no poor people in the UK, (so he’s pretty delusional).
The new benefit system, when added to bank work, (which is basically the new name for casual work), has led to a lot more poverty.
People like Andrew Lloyd Webber are still fighting increases of payment for the unemployed, although many of the honest ones require on charity for food and fares to job interviews. They brought in a sanction system where if people fail to jump through hoops they can totally lose their payments for 6 weeks, so you can imagine the impact of that. Many homeless are in the cities and with winter coming they’ll be dying on the streets again this year 🙁
I work full time now, so am very lucky currently.