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Victorian manners?

Shopping crowd awaiting Aldi's 8:30am opening. Half masked woman pushes past to queue jump whilst awaiting door opening. I challenge her q. jumping, her response "I'm joining my daughter" who had also q. jumped. She gives me a mouthful.

Anyway neither of us are in the first 20 admitted. In the second batch I get in before her but half way down the store aisle she acelerates past still shouting "fuck, fuck" as she sees the stack of air fryers being grabbed others.
I laugh, I'm chasing hand washing liquid, 3 litres for $7. I then head off for the triple smoked bacon.

The crowd has now dispersed but I'm amused to see that another pallet of air fryers has been brought out from the warehouse. I sincerely hope that the thugly woman missed out, she is nowhere in sight.

Waiting at the checkout q. & an old bloke staggers out of the close by liquor section coming within half a metre of me. His mask does not cover his nose. I ask what he does not undestand about social distancing of 1.5 metres. He retaliates with "I'm not infected".

Hindsight now provides the ripost that I should used "oh, yes you are! You've got stupidity & I don't want to catch it." but I merely asked how could he know if he was asymptomatic. Not understanding the word he blustered.
Then a much younger chap in the next aisle joined in stating C19 a hoax & me a bully of an old man. Lol I suspect the antisocial distancing law flouter was probably several years younger than me but had had a hard life. Instead of challenging the now very aggressive hoax caller with "any more brains mate & you'd be dangeous" I just called him a dickhead. He tried to continue to argue but I ignored him.

Hey ho, the joy of early morning shopping during the corona virus pandemic. . . President Trump makes a miraculous recovery, statewide infections are down below 10 and everyone starts to behave as if the danger is over. Welcome to October 10th, 2020 a bright sunshiny day. I must get the laundry on before it goes grey again. 2" of rainon Thursday.

FrayedBear 9 Oct 9
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Great word, thugly. Glad you emerged safe and with your consumables 😉

Thanks though I've got another 12 days to go uninfected before knowing for certain that the bastard didn't infect me.

@FrayedBear but you had your mask on and washed you hands after taking it off? As long as the mask has been put away for a couple of days, hopefully you’ll be fine. I suppose it makes you want to change your clothes too after being so close to a, ‘dirty breather’ 🙂

@girlwithsmiles Contrary to government regulations I've been wearing a mask in the supermarkets, and campaigning for it, since April. The State government only mandated it in about July & I don't think that the Federal government ever has! Too much misled by a Prime Minister with his nose up evangelist church & Trump's ass.