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LINK How did an non-religious nation elect a religious leader? - The Big Smoke

Well, it's a good question, but Australians didn't exactly vote for a religious leader; they voted for a dimwit nothing burger Liberal wanker PM, who just happens to be a religious fool. I truly believe that Australia is a largely secular country. Yes, there are churches and believers, and yes, people put down their religion when completing a census, but Australians are mostly notionally religious rather than functionally religious. So, technically we are not a non-religious nation, and we didn't vote for a religious leader.

Anyone disagree?

David1955 8 Oct 14
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We didn't vote for Morrison for PM either! It's a party decision.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 14, 2020


he then won an election but, same route as Gillard.

@powder the sooner that he follows her into obscurity the better.


The city of churches must have changed since I first saw it 44 years ago on an enforced 8 hour stopover from Perth. The liveliest thing was the Sunday joint in the local café oven.
Western Victoria still professes excessive religiosity.

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 14, 2020

The city of empty churches these days, and not just due to COVID.

@David1955 they saw the light and converted to pubs/ clubs 😉

@powder and pokies. A different kind of prayer.

@David1955 the other great Australian addiction.


You'll get no argument from me.
But we all should try to remember that, in particular so it seems, the LNP consists mainly of a membership of Catholics, Anglicans and a smattering of other Christian based religions, as does the ALP also but theirs is not so strong and potent.
Before we got stuck with " Happy Clappy Jesus Chappy" ScumMo we had Abbott, the Rabbit, the failed Seminarian of the Catholic 'Faith,' before him we had Malevolent Malcolm Turdball, yet another Catholic and so the list goes on and on way back to the very 'birth' of the Liberal Party and its later unification with the National Party, once called the Country Party.
So, unfortunately and extremely sadly, EVERY time a Voter opts for the LNP at an election We, the very Secular Australians, get saddled with the religious detritus, etc, of having a full-on Non-Secular Federal Government.
As a side note, I do like the the photo showing ScumMo at a Hillsong Meeting giving what I see as being little more than a version of the Nazi salute.
To me, that salute should be banned world-wide and anyone using it should be vilified given it shameful, brutal, horrific history.

Triphid Level 8 Oct 14, 2020

Oh I agree that religions have influence here beyond their due, especially through politics. That's is their pernicious way. Politics, education, and so on, their corrupt tentacles at work. The more secular Australia functionally becomes, the more religions seek to exert their hideous influence covertly. Same is true in the US.