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3 years ago I wrote the following:

I've recently been commenting about supermarket check out 'chicks' and have just been moved to ask the following:
In recognition of all good check out chicks I ask readers here "what have you done to make their day more pleasurable?"
Or have you simply been a c#nt of a customer who has fumbled the money, made inappropropriate denigrating comment, not said 'thank you for doing a great job', not written to the shop owner or your local MP to complain about the loss of local jobs through computerisation.
Have you shown solidarity with them for adequate wage rates and shifts to enable maintenance of an Australian lifestyle?
Well c#nts, have you?

Today I sadly laugh at the paucity of check out clerks in our supermarkets whilst watching $50 only purchase what I bought for $30 three years ago.

How are you faring in your part of the country?

FrayedBear 9 Nov 8
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I talk to them if there is time and they are not flat out, as in a proper conversation, ask how much longer they are on, as I have blue hair that gets discussed a bit, always say thanks etc, if the lines are long and they are under the pump it might just be a short hi how are you going, what's your day been like? I have gone up to the front desk to pass on a compliment about a young man behind the deli country. I was having a crap day, felt like someone had run over my pet and then backed up over me sort of day. Arrived at the deli pointed and sort of mumbled out what I needed and got smacked by such positivity, a massive smile, a quick joke about something silly, he bounced while he did his work, and generally made me feel so much better it was hard to be morose in the presence of such positivity.

Budgie Level 7 Nov 13, 2020

Yes, I always treat supermarket checkout people well, as it worries me that the friggen supermarkets are trying to push us to those self service machines, forcing us to do their work, and depriving employment for the various people to do it, including students. Recently I was bit grumpy with a checkout chick because they had only 2 open, and the 12 or less one closed, and I had just one thing and had to wait a long time. I wasn't taking it out on her, only grumbling about how this shoudn't happen, but later I felt guilty that I hadn't done the right thing and referred it to the manager. She didn't need to hear me grumbling. These supermarkets are vultures, and I fear the auto checkout thing will happen -- as if they don't make enough zillions as it is. Capitalism - it needs regulation or it is just ruthless.

David1955 Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

Auto checkout already has more terminals than manned stations at both Woolworth's & Coles. IGA & Aldi are both totally manned stations.

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