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Respect is no longer earned it is simply demanded by the undeserving & a Victorian Government desirous of destroying society.

The Victorian Government in Australia is currently funding the above advert on TV. It is occurring under the auspice of their Department of Health & Human Services. This initiative supposedly in response to the findings of a Royal Commission into domestic violence purportedly is to prevent it.

" Ending family violence - Victoria’s 10-year plan for change
Our 10-year plan outlines the Royal Commission’s 227 recommendations, outcomes and initial targets to prevent and respond to family violence.

On this page:
Targets of the plan
Progressing the 10-year plan for change under the rolling action plan
Perpetrator accountability
Targets of the plan
No woman or child is killed as a result of family violence.
All Victorians will believe that family violence and gender inequality are unacceptable, and will hold attitudes that support respectful relationships.
Victims survivors will be supported to remain safely in their homes and connected to their community.
More women and children at risk of family violence will be able to access effective early interventions.
A significant reduction in the number of child protection reports that are substantiated.
Family violence reoffending will be eliminated.
Workers in universal (non-family violence specific) services will feel confident to identify and respond to all forms of family violence. " End Quote.

It appears to me that not only is the above advert sexist but so is the website that it comes from. A site recording the number of domestic violence deaths in Australia currently reports 2020 deaths in the attached screenshot. As you can see it is not just women affected by domestic violence and until governments and their sexist departments start actively recognising that both men & women are perpetrators & instigators the situation will not improve.

See also remarks that I make on "MSM Already Helping Next Administration Hide Corruption Under ‘Diversity’ Banner

There has ..." "There has never been a better time to be a woman, minority or member of the LGBT community who works in the DC establishment and thinks the poor should be made into pet food."

FrayedBear 9 Nov 23
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