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The most deadly virus on the planet is not C19?

According to this address by John Pilger it is war created by USA, Britain & Israel. Australia & particularly PM Morrison are scorned.


FrayedBear 9 Dec 14
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Humans ARE, imo, akin to viruses since we move into a new ecosystem, alter it to suit ourselves and ourselves alone, breed up like a virus and when the resources, aka, HOSTS, are no longer useful, we move on again and start the whole process over and over again.
Imo, a PRIME example of this IS Australia.
Prior to the coming of the English Settlers, this country, though harsh in its environment, was a good and pristine land where rivers flowed clean and fee of pollution, etc, etc.
THEN , along English Settlers with their greed for lands, wealth, etc, etc, their sheep, foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits and all the other non-indigenous feral animals, they felled forest after forest, carved out huge pits for stone to build houses, etc, etc, and spread out just like the viruses we all are.

Triphid Level 8 Dec 16, 2020

I just work on a continuously bases with a toxic mask (short times) like nothing is really happening. The fear mongering is far greater than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Because the true leaders (the people) were on to them. This distraction is temporary for the wealthy to regain control and crowd control.

Who said or thought that they lost it?

"Some years ago, I interviewed the former head of the CIA in Latin America, Duane Claridge. In a few refreshingly honest words, he summed up "Western" foreign policy as it is ordained and directed by Washington.

The super-power, he said, could do what it wanted where it wanted whenever its "strategic interests" dictated. His words were: "Get used to it, world." " John Pilger


This is a topic, I can't talk openly about because the majority are deeply programmed into. The covid world order kills far less than our health care system and poverty we haven't seen since the great depression. Sure covid has killed over a million people worldwide, 80 years ago the second world war killed 80 million. They didn't stop work because poverty kills most of all. I can't get in to checking my heart because a doctor can't check me physically. I ask how many people have died of covid since May in Nova Scotia. Just one. Then I asked how many people have died of heart dieses since May, hundreds maybe thousands.
Case closed.

Sounds like you should, if not already a member, be in "Out Of The Illusion ". The latest post is on topic - "Stop the wave of death! Repudiate the policies of the pandemic profiteers!

A wave of mass death ..."

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