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Stop the wave of death! Repudiate the policies of the pandemic profiteers!

A wave of mass death is spreading throughout the world. While the coronavirus pandemic is once again devastating Europe and Latin America, the epicenter is in the United States.


{The media focus in the US and Europe has been on the initial approval and distribution of a vaccine. However effective a vaccine, people will benefit from it only if they are alive to receive it.

Without an intervention of the working class now, the dying will continue at unprecedented levels. If deaths remain above 3,000 for 90 days, this means that another 270,000 people will be dead by early March.}

I have to wonder how many will line up when it come available in their area. Reporting on test results indicate 6 people died from these first time ever early released vaccines. 2 died of the vaccine while 4 died of a placebo. How can we put our faith in corporations who can't even get a placebo right!?!

😟 The Trump administration, as it pursues its fascistic conspiracies, is continuing its policy of “herd immunity,” by which it means no measures will be taken to stop the spread of the virus. Whatever their tactical differences, the Democrats agree with this policy. They are proposing no emergency measures to halt and reverse the catastrophe. This week, Biden unveiled his coronavirus response “plan,” which includes nothing more than urging the population to wear masks, promises of vaccine production and a demand that the schools be reopened.

The media reports every day the scale of death without providing any indication of what must be done to stop it. Reference is made to the danger of travel and gatherings during the holiday season. Yet there is no reference to the role of factories and workplaces in spreading the virus, and deliberate lies are being spread about the supposed safety of opening schools. 😟

!expendable! ------ The ruling class is attempting to blame workers for spreading the virus at home. However, the absence of systematic contact tracing is designed to cover up the spread at workplaces that remain open and unsafe. When cases do occur in factories or schools, information is suppressed by management, with the complicity of the trade unions.

When there is any challenge to the policy of the ruling class, the response is repression. This week, data scientist Rebekah Jones, who has worked to expose government lies about the spread of the pandemic in Florida, was targeted with a gestapo police raid ordered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. !expendable!

If you haven't heard of her experience I highly suggest you visit that article ---- [] ---- It was widely covered on RT shows.

{Congress has recessed until next week without any agreement on a “stimulus bill,” which, even if passed, will not meet the massive social need. The Democrats and Republicans are currently fighting largely over how much more money they will hand out to the corporations and the rich.}

Not that it means a whole lot in retrospect concerning citizens, but Pelosi turned down a Trump offer of $1200 in previous negotiations to receive a current dwindled down $600. They're probable goal now might be on how to mask new loop holes for the major corporations to fleece the most out of this package from the prior holes.

{If emergency measures had been implemented, hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved. The fact that in China, where the virus first emerged, total deaths have been under 5,000 and the virus has been virtually eradicated, demonstrates that this was possible.}

I'll just leave that where it lays for you to ponder on.

{The ruling class, however, rejected all measures that were incompatible with its interests. The Trump administration, aided and abetted by the Democratic Party, downplayed the threat and refused to take any action. At the same time, the pandemic was exploited to implement the largest transfer of wealth in world history. Trillions of dollars have been turned over to Wall Street, with the near-unanimous support of Congress.}

And that along with the following.

William_Mary 8 Dec 13
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