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Doesn't it make you proud & feel good?

C19 rioters, lockdown breakers, community "typhoid Marys" [] , in Sydney & Melbourne.
"What a bunch of selfish stupid Australian fuckwits."

They should do as they did with the original Mary & lock them up for life.
We'll still be in lockdown this time next year.

FrayedBear 9 Aug 21
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Wanna swap, we WERE virtually Lockdown FREE since COVID Day 1 until some dopey, self-indulgent Dumb-arsed Indigenous Health Worker at the local Indigenous Maari Maa Aboriginal Health Service brought the virus back to Broken Hill AFTER attendin a Funeral in Wilcannia a few weeks ago.
Thanks to a certain GROUP of family members and family friends of an Indigenous family with the family name beginning with the letter "B" there is NOT a township WEST of Dubbo now that DOES NOT have at least 1 case of the COVID Delta strain in it.
Wilcannia has at least 6.5% of its ENTIRE population of approx. 400 people infected at present, approx. 54% of those infected being of the Indigenous peoples which says a whole about them yelling and screaming earlier in this Pandemic from the Indigenous re- "WE must Protect our ELDERS at ALL Costs."
Kinda fucked that plan up 1,000% did they?

Triphid Level 9 Aug 30, 2021

That's definitely a problem with pursuing ancestor worship, other imagined deities & attending funerals & deathbeds.
I noticed yesterday's report that in NZ much of the problem is caused by dopey Pacific Islanders not getting vaccinated, not obeying lockdown rules, getting together to pray for a miracle, being overweight, diabetic and not caring about anyone else.

That & having incompetent irrational Liberal government.

@FrayedBear When IS ANY Government Competent and Rational may one ask?

@Triphid touché!

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Posted by FrayedBearYet again some NSW citizens identify their cognitive dissonance?

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Posted by FrayedBearDoesn't it make you proud & feel good?

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Posted by FrayedBearAnd so here is the official government word annotated with the obvious observation. How ironic that it arrived on International Elder Abuse Awareness Day!

Posted by MsDemeanourit's easy to be smug when you don't live in Victoria and my heart really does go out to you all.

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Posted by FrayedBearStolen from fbuk. For non Australians, Mike Carlton is a senior journalist & TV anchorman.

Posted by FrayedBearDo you agree?

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