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"Politicians in Australia [celebrate] Roe v Wade being overturned" [] Who are these unspeakable bullies?

anglophone 9 July 2
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Does anyone really give two shits about Australia???

I used to live there. They’re liberal as hell and paying for it.

Oh Really, well that's not they said when Gen. MacArthur wanted a place to run and hide when the Japs started kicking his arse out of the Philippines, or what you lt though when we went over to Korea and Vietnam because you lot couldn't handle things on your own.
Oh and which COUTRY was the one that received the Apollo 11 transmissions from the Moon when Armstrong and Co. landed there PLUS when he actually stepped off on to the Lunar surface as well.
Guess what Numbnuts, It was NOT Alabama.

@Triphid irrelevant

@CourtJester Guess what that was EXACTLY what I expected from one such as yourself.

You come onto an Australian Skeptics group and insult us!
I care about Australia and I also care about what happens to most of America as well as other parts of the world.
I care about all of the children/young women who are going to be forced into carrying their rapists babies, about those people who are going to be put up for adoption/foster care and on trying to find out why they were put up for adoption discovering that it was because their mother hated them but could not get rid of them and does not want to have anything to do with them and that their father is their grandfather as well or great uncle or even uncle and a pedophile rapist.

I care about those women who are in abusive situations and on trying to get out find out they are now carrying their abusers dna and want a clean break with a chance to make a life for themselves.

I love our Labor and Green politicians and am so glad that we got rid of a proportion (not enough) of the backward thinking religious bigots that were in power and were destroying our great country.

I care about lots of things and if you don't care about Australia I suggest you leave this group because I know one thing I don't care about.
Please don't come back to Australia we don't need people like you.

Idiot. No one cares about YOU. I ignore your reactionary ramblings in general posts now but if you're going to turn up here then consider yourself told. Any reasonable reality based criticism of Australia I'd take, but someone from US Crazyville like you ought to worry about your own crazy, because of people like YOU.

@Triphid rednecks! What can you do with them?

@Triphid, @Budgie ditto and ditto.

@David1955 Well I did hear a rumour from both Mexico and Canada recently that recycled U.S. Red-necks male for excellent Marker Buoys in harbours.

@CourtJester Btw, can you affirm or deny the rumour circulating that when getting your birth certificate filled out and question of whether you were human or not arose they simply typed in the words, "From Alabama so totally irrelevant?"

I wasn’t born in Alabama. I’m just a doctor here.
Pearl Beach, Australia used to be my favorite place on earth, but Alabama has it beat by far.

@CourtJester Alabama, NO Comment then.


@CourtJester Oh Whoop- de-doo, am I supposed to be so impressed that I immediately fall upn my knees and sing the praise of the United States of Absurdity then?
Get a life please, a REAL life not some faked up one.


@CourtJester Hey, IF you find yourself stuck when it comes to "getting a life for yourself" then here in Australia there is an Organisation that may be able to help, just check out the Information, etc, for Zoos, they are always looking for even the strangest of exhibits and, imo, you FIT the bill to a T.

Loving the comments


Well, I have been expecting and seeing overflow from the US's crazy town antics here in Australia, not just the abortion issue, but the rise of more christofascism as the trend towards a more secular Australia proceeds. Australians are imitators and followers, to a large extent, so it doesn't surprise me. Frankly, I'm out of touch with the laws on abortion here, at my age, so if there are demands for greater access then I wish them well. The Right will always play these issues for divisive purposes. It's the only thing they're got, wedge politics; that and fear. No ideas, of course.

David1955 Level 8 July 2, 2022

It is a worry how much some groups here follow and believe in the rubbish coming out from America.
Scares me sometimes but I will fight to keep the rights we have won and to help move us forward.
When I see the large cults forming and then members getting into politics I worry even more.
If I criticise a religious person I am told I am not being tolerant but they are allowed to criticise who they like. I won't stand for that rubbish.

@Budgie absolutely. Hypocrisy is not in the religious vernacular, nor intolerance, unless perceived as against them. Australia lags behind US Crazy Town by about a couple of years. Always has been.


Why they give a fuck about US domestic politics whilst Assange rots makes me sick.

puff Level 8 July 2, 2022

Me too.


All people everywhere who believe in the right of a woman to choose whether to continue with a pregnancy or not…need to lobby and protest against not just the US Supreme Court decision, but to our own legislative representatives in our own jurisdictions. We need to make it clear that the hard won productive rights of women, both in contraception and abortion, need to be iron clad in law so that reversal by the religious right cannot be imposed.

And while at why not advocate for the murder of jews, mental & physical defectives, unionists, Roma & Sinti & non vegans.

And don't forget those tiresome Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

@FrayedBear You have your own beliefs on abortion and you are entitled to them. However you can not legally force your views on others.
It is a woman's body and she gets the right to choose what to do. She should be able to choose to be treated safely and compassionately.

We have limits on how late in a pregnancy an abortion can be performed as we also have a value on life ie post birth you are alive and it is not legal to remove your breathing privileges even if you are an annoying moron or joe's witness. So your comparisons are just not valid.

However while you are a clump of cells that is not capable of independent thought or living then the woman gets to decide what to do.

Other than that I saw a meme that said if a woman is forced to carry a baby then child support and paying for the cost of medical bills should also start from the moment of conception. So the father starts paying from the moment of conception. It think that would be a wonderful bill and I bet many would be screaming for the right to force the woman to terminate the pregnancy.

Then we have those women who suffer a miscarriage after being in a car accident, the person causing the accident would then be charged with manslaughter/murder etc and serve time in jail for it. I know of a few women who lost babies (early term) after a car accident and it was unknown if the accident caused the miscarriage or not. Imagine the legal battles over that one.

I had a friend whose baby was diagnosed with a life ending condition, 100% guaranteed, the baby would live for about 2 years and spend most of that time in pain and with them going to and from the hospital for painful medical procedures in order to try to relieve some of the symptoms. Forget having another child during that time or one of them going back to work as the care for the child would be full time. They chose to not put their child (a much wanted pregnancy) through that, that the kinder option was for the child not to be born. They were devastated. We grieved with them but they knew what they were doing was better than bringing their child into a world of pain. They named the baby calculated the date of birth, made up a plaque to commemorate the baby.

So while your situation was different for some it is the kinder option and not one they bounce into with a smile on their faces but one they grieve like that would the death of a child.

@Budgie you talk of very reasonable exceptions when talking of life threatening situations.
My ex knew our daughter could kill her, my ex died several times on the operating table before we married. She knew the potential consequences of pregnancy and had several miscarriages before eventually managing to carry for 6 months about 5 years later.
She then abandoned our 3 month premmie daughter. I immediadetely gave up my profession to give our daughter every encouragement & chance to live. She is now 40 & hardly ever speaks to me.
I was advised by RNS neo natal doctors at the time that few premmie bearing marriages survived. We lasted 18 months only because I was prime carer. I continued that role for a further 8 years until the misnamed Australian family court & corruption in high places together with equally corrupt Sydney lawyers interfered in agreed arrangements designed to last until our daughters adulthood. I then ceased to be a parent just a babysitter.

The majority of cases taking advantage of inadequate abortion laws are stupid unintelligent careless people.

And yes I once was called upon to hold a lover's hand after she had had an abortion following sex with a policeman tasked with finding her runaway daughter. I was puzzled for a long time by her cry of "I wish it had been your baby". In my stupidity & naivety I mistakenly thought that it was but was not being invited to say anything. She, a lapsed catholic, already had 4 children by 3 different fathers.

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