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Australian journalist Shane Dowling makes further comment on the duplicity of the incumbent Albanese Government regarding whistleblowers.

"It should also be remembered that it was Julia Gillard when she was Prime Minister who falsely accused WikiLeaks and Julian Assange of breaching Australian laws. Anthony Albanese was part of the Julia Gillard government so for people who think the Labor Party is the great defender of whistleblowers you are sadly wrong.

Labor and the Coalition want secret hearings at the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to protect their reputations, but they are happy to publicly trash other people’s reputations and even more so if they are whistleblowers."


FrayedBear 9 Nov 12
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I never believed that Albo would do anything other than ass kiss the Yanks. Australia is America's bitch in the Asia Pacific and that's just the way it is. The ALP learned the lesson in 1975 and won't forget it.

Unless Australians mobilise their sentiment otherwise, and they won't.

David1955 Level 8 Nov 13, 2022

I was recently sent this interesting South African news report. It started me thinking that Australia should be a member of & supporting BRICS.

@FrayedBear I second that motion wholeheartedly

ALBO and co are politicians.BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. M y guess is that Rupert Murdoch and Packer along with the Wanks are a major contributing part of it. The Wanks own all three of our political parties.
Including the larcenous nazi (LNP)partys stooge paulien Hanson. Re: the gun lobby scandal?

@Kurtn lol, that's a typo for Palien Hanson?

@Kurtn Labor more likely bullied into being US sycophants through the history of dismissal of Whitlam & government that nearly resulted in revolution in Australia in the mid '70s.

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