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I was thinking about Australia's political parties and how so many Australians don't believe a single thing any one of the politicians within them say. I feel like everyone could be provided for, our most intelligent people as well funded scientists, our doctors with more staff, The Murry and the rivers attached to it addressed, recognition that renewable energy is both not more expensive or less effective (more actually) than fossil fuels. That whistle-blowers could exist and not go to jail whether they are from politics, big corporations or taking care of refugees getting the truth out there, to the odd union which isn't the representation of the workers it is supposed to be. But no matter what is said and what action is or isn't taken the political parties are treated as identical.
You know neither Paul Keating or John Howard won by votes in 1996? John Howard got a small majority of a vote within his own government. What bullcrap is that? People were really pissed then and this stuff wasn't as public as it is now. This has happened less obviously with seats not won by votes and still happens, an undercover electrol college if you will.

DragonDust 6 Feb 2
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the entire political system - quite globally - is rotten & corrupted to the core, due to the reality of multinational corporations manipulating the puppets, errh, politicians.
the one certain way out of this is by razing the system to the ground & growing something fresh & new on that compost, grassroots-style.
i am with the yellow vests, btw - vive la revolucion!


Of course. I see no hope unless the labor party abandons electoralism, focus group politics, right wing discredited economics, and factionalism based on right wing unions, and embraces a truly progressive agenda, not dressed up focus group based targetted short term policies, and think longer than winning an election and enjoying the lurks and perks of office. The Hawke Keating ideological gutting of the ALP continues to this day. They have forgotten how to be a party of the Left, so corrupted by 'New Left' thinking of the 80s and 90s that has been ruinous to working people. As for the parties of the right, they have only one goal, and that is to protect and enhance the power of Capital. That will never change.

David1955 Level 8 Feb 3, 2019

Consider the myth - we live in a democracy held to be at the forefront of enabling citizens - compulsory voting, white women vote - long ago, First Nation's People's votes fifty years ago, freedom of speech supposedly guaranteed under the 117-year-old Constitution.
How true is this when you cannot vote on your ballot paper that none of the presenting candidates is fit to represent you?
We recently had a person present for council election. That person should have been registered as a person unfit to hold directorships / public office and placed on a ban for ten years. That government corruption is such that the regulatory bodies are emasculated through lack of funds and cannot apply the law of the land to large conglomerates let alone pissant parochial country organisations is further indictment of the failure. Needless to say the Electoral Commission did nothing with the evidence when it was presented to them and even allowed the person to be given highly paid office.
I am reminded of a very large American bank that I once worked for. They employed a system of rated inspections to determine the effectiveness of each operating unit. This was recorded in a weighty report. For many years Hong Kong operated way above company expectations then one day an employee defrauded a large sum of money. The glowing reports like the operation reported on were written on rice paper and dissolved at the first downpour.
So it is with democracies and their governments. Party members are rarely allowed to vote according to their electorates wishes but have to follow party mandate. A mandate usually driven by monetary donations to the party, religious advocacy in a secular country or the minority squeaking the shrillest.

We all damn vote (well you can get your name ticked off and elect not to vote, though technically if you never get on the electeroll roll you never agreed to vote) or pay $20 if you don't turn up at all. But if they votes are close enough who wins wasn't us? The citizens who voted. There is a long list of independents and ordering within parties but who has memorized everyone? Personally I'd like the bipartisan to be labor/green with the criminal policies of the sex party (unwise name). But that's just me. I mean what type of person says to you to use as much as your power at once while coal power stations fail while being held up with excess out of state renewable power (national party)?

@DragonDust Voting in Australia and registration is compulsory. A spoilt ballot paper is not the same as voting that the "the presenting candidates are unfit to serve".


What is sly is that government other than labor has always been a liberal/ national coalition. The liberals have never been able to form government in their own right (1967, my lifetime anyway).

powder Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

LNP doesn't get the most votes, the coalition gets the most votes (often by a slim margin). The last election was to the LNP but it was a slim win. I just hope they don't win again in the general election this year.

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