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Domestic violence and the The Australian reality -
"Meanwhile these same so-called progressives are happy to consign poor and indigenous women to their deaths in their darkly narcissistic campaign to argue that they are no more at risk than upper-middle class professionals because it is simply men that are the problem, not broken communities. This is the deadliest of lies.

As a result you won’t see or hear these progressive gender warriors championing the findings of this most comprehensive and belatedly groundbreaking study, because they know they are condemned by the truth."

. . . as the outrage subsides and the evidence rolls in, it will become evermore clear that the social media arbiters of social justice are mindless hypocrites far more obsessed with their own pontification than the real problems besetting society — not to mention wholly unaware of what those problems even are.

And as the outrage is constantly disproved and defrocked, not only does the emperor have no clothes but the emperor has been stripsearched at Splendour and found to be carrying not so much as a disco biscuit up the jexy.

The truth will out, the truth will prevail, and the truth will put the horseshit in the pail." Joe Hildebrand


FrayedBear 9 Oct 27
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What a lot of red necked vitriol. I won't bother commenting on the shock horror disruption to the daily lives of commuters.
This is the type of "journalism" that fomented support of the Liberals intervention in the NT and the roll out of the cashless credit card. And further marginalised our first peoples.
Family violence is a horrific problem right across the socio-economic spectrum. The statistics on DV do not give on accurate picture of the extent of this societal scourge. They are generally based on police call outs and reported incidents. Many, many incidents go unreported for fear of repercussion; lack of faith in the system; and well to do victims have the financial ability to flee. None the less they are useful as a general guide.
Sure the stats might highlight more of a problem in the NT. But do not reveal the terrible living conditions of our indigenous residing there. The punitive Government response took away yet another slice of dignity exacerbating the problem.
Now if " violence in disadvantaged and indigenous communities and that alcohol was also a driving factor" then what is the root cause of the excessive alcohol consumption. Perhaps we should look deeper into the economic and social violence of the increasingly dystopian society we suffer under.
As for the weasel word claim that "... so-called progressives are happy to consign poor and indigenous women to their deaths in their darkly narcissistic campaign to argue that they are no more at risk than upper-middle class professionals because it is simply men that are the problem, not broken communities", well there is a small unintended element of truth in this. No one is happy to consign any women to their death. Women do suffer more incidents of DV, and more severe forms of it than men. Whilst it is important to highlight womens deaths it is also important to acknowledge men are victims too. Putting the blame solely on men deepens the gender divide. DV is a societal problem.
And last, recidivism needs to be addressed. As one who has worked with victims, I am deeply concerned at the dysfunctional Governmental approach at DV prevention. Quite often their funded Agencies compound problems and put victims at further risk.

Dooley Level 5 Oct 27, 2019

At a local meeting the women delegates shouted me down when I suggested preventative measures and the female police sergeant said "we just want to arrest and imprison the men.
That was about 1996 at Gosford, NSW which had just experienced an epidemic of 26-76 male suicides.

@FrayedBear DV is a complex issue and the culture that produces it. is thoroughly imbued into the psyche of this society. Whilst I can understand the anger of the female delegates, it is counter productive to view it in a purely gender specific way. I vividly recall that when I was a kid many mothers were brutally violent to their children. Perhaps this was a flow on from the treatment they received from their war damaged spouses. And I suspect this has had an inter-generational effect.
On a positive note, in recent times, I have had the pleasure of attending grandchildren's birthday parties and was impressed by all the doting young fathers (and mothers) fussing over their kids. It was a pleasant change from what I witnessed in earlier times.
The jung-ho approach of police sergeant you mentioned is largely edemic through the constabulary. And partly through DV social welfare agencies. Part of the problem is that social services are scrambling to meet over metricated KPI's which negatively impacts on quality service delivery. The correctional tactics for perpetrators and support programs for victims is failing. Currently I am assisting a victim who I take to counselling sessions. She comes out more fearful and distraught than she goes in. In fact they had placed her in more danger. Speaking with the perpetrator, in her presence ( he does not know she is attending counselling) he says that after coming out of anger management sessions feeling like he wants to murder her. This is not an uncommon outcome. This is counterproductive and in may incidences these services are doing more harm than good.

@Dooley Hence why I frequently push Professor Cipollo's 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity - []

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