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Aw, Scummo Shouty Shittypants Happy Clappy Jesus Chappy has 'offered' an apology for taking his family on a holiday to Hawaii while there are Bush-fires raging across Australia almost unabated.
His Piss Poor excuse, imho, is that " When you promise your children anything at all you keep that promise."
Hey, numb-nuts Scummo, kids can and do UNDERSTAND the differences between an Emergency and a 'little delay' in case you are unaware.
IF you had explained to them that the holiday needed to wait UNTIL the National Emergency was either OVER or at least resolved to an acceptable LEVEL we are ALL sure they would have understood.
So, on that note and in MY opinion Scummo, APOLOGY not accepted and REJECTED completely and Utterly.
I'm pretty certain that those Brave Volunteer Fire Fighters who have lost their lives, their families and friends, those who lost virtually EVERYTHING in these fires and, also in my opinion, at least 50% of the decent caring Australians would happily tell you WHERE EXACTLY you can SHOVE your piss poor apology and its accompanying equally piss poor excuse.
YOU deserted Australia and EVERYONE in it at one of greatest times of need, the SHIP needs its Captain to stay with it at ALL times of need, NOT to be the FIRST one to jump into the nearest Life-boat and start running away like a scared rabbit.
In my HONEST OPINION YOU, Scummo, will always be little more than a Yellow-bellied, Ship jumping RAT from now on.

Triphid 9 Dec 21
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I read somewhere that there is some buyers remorse amongst Australians for voting for Scum Mo. Well, that's a bit like someone paying top dollar for a clapped out rust bucket of a car and then having regrets. If you're that stupid then I have no sympathy for you. A fool and his money, or in this case fools and their votes. Shorten and co were the most underwhelming gang ever assembled by the Australian Loser Party, but anything would have been better than Scumbo and his gaggle of half-wits. What a farce Australia has turned into. What would Curtain, Chifley and even Gough say now?

David1955 Level 8 Dec 22, 2019

many women...actually many people did not like Shorten. He was sleazy. Sexual assault rumours followed him.
Besides that he was not leadership material. (not that pathetic Morrison was.) Labor have been bought and paid for by the same multinationals that the Libs have. I had no time for the major two parties with little policy difference and gave my vote away to the greens and preferences to more obscure parties. So in retrospect, yes you can blame me 'Scum-Mo'.

Once upon a time Turnbull was progressive in his thinking about climate and gays and religion. That had to give way when he wanted the top job. I've been a long time fan of Albo who said what he thought regardless of the pary line. I wonder how much he has had to compromise for the top job. But in any case he has shown much more leadership and ideas this past week in regard to the bushfires, than our show pony PM. Certainly, if he continues the way he is going he will get my next vote, as long climate change is addressed.

I've had a few drinks.....hope this isn't too disjointed

@MsDemeanour well, I don't disagree with you on any of that. I've said here before that the economic rationalist contagion that has ruined Labor goes back to Hawke Keating. Albo might have had a chance had they not wasted years on Shorten. I fear it's too late. Labor is corrupted by the corporate sector and right wing unions. The Right have refashined Australia into a culture of selfish self-interest individualism. The ALP has neither the ideology nor the will to confront it. I am not sanguine about the future. Oddly, I do think Turnbull is a great Labor leader we never had. Had he taken a leaf out of President FDR's book-- from wealth but for popular policies -- he'd have been hugely popular. He couldn't see beyond his class. His period as PM is a nothing now.


Don't like skid mark but storm in a teacup he was having holidays. Prefer him and all polly's fuck off out of country personally. Media's going skitzo about it, dunno why. We all knew he was a tosser anyway.

powder Level 8 Dec 21, 2019

Interesting that Belgium went 589 days without a government. Trains and buses kept running, Police and other public servants continued to do their jobs. Schools weren't affected. In fact so there was such little impact that one has to wonder how much we actually need a government.

In saying that, during a national crisis, this is when we most certainly do need leadership. For months volunteer firefighters continue despite no wages coming in. They still have to put food on the table, pay the bills, but Morrison doesn't want to give them any payment. And what of the companies who have had to do without their employees for months. What of the ones who lost their lives? their homes? This is when we need strong leadership with plans and solutions in place. Someone who can pull the country together, inspire hope and be prepared to meet with experts and address climate change.

Well Mate, you know the old saying about Politicians don't you?
Politicians are like blow-flies, get rid of one and at least a dozen will come along to replace it.


I hope people remember this when next they hit the polls. Not meaning to make light of your comments but a gf sent me this link this morning which made my day.


ie: Urban dictionary TOP DEFINITION: Scomo
A person in charge who leaves things to others when a difficult or emergency situation arises.
"Shit was going really tits up at work this week so I Scomo’d off to a tropical island for some R&R and let someone else sort it out".

Where a lot of Aussies used to take a 'sickie' from work, I think that will soon, hopefully, be changed to taking a 'scommo' instead.
I realise that it sounds sick and very nasty, but it would ironic, would it not, IF perhaps either the Lodge or the Hillsong Church was on fire and when Scummo rang the Fire Brigade the receptionist were to answer with, " I'm sorry Sir, but we are very understaffed at present because 50% of our Fire crews and Firefighters have Volunteered to help fight the Bush-fires you went to Hawaii to escape from but we will send a crew as soon as possible, in the meantime you could just offer those thoughts and prayers or simply try using the nearest garden house until we have a crew free to attend."

@Triphid lol tempting.......very tempting!

This is such a big country. Everyone i want a natter with lives miles away. What on earth are you doing in Broken Hill? It's a long way from the beach. What's the temperature like out there?

@MsDemeanour Nearest 'beach' is just over 520 kilometres from Broken Hill, though we DID ONCE have a nice fresh water sort of beach about 120 kilometres from here UNTIL successive Governments allowed the Menindee Lakes Water Storage Scheme, fed by the Darling River, to become nothing more dried out, dead dust-bowls caused by permitting the Cotton and Rice Growers around Bourke and further north to literally suck the river dry.
As for the temp. out here, well it's summer but this year the heat is far worse than I can remember.
Used to that December was tolerable, heat -wise, and the worst of it hit in January and February but in the last few years it started getting much hotter, much earlier and for much longer each year.
Around here, like almost everywhere else in Australia, it is a dry as a Dead Nun's nasty, everything that was once covered with native grasses and scrub is now brown and dead, even the trees along the creeks are struggling, the highway sides are littered with skeletons of 'roos, emus, etc, as are the paddocks, etc.
But hey, how are this up your way around Brissie ?
Here's hoping the Bush-fires don't get that far up and are dealt with very soon for the sakes of the people, properties, animals and, most importantly, the Firies who are battling them 24/7.

@Triphid Broken Hill sounds heartbreaking as does much of the country. So much history there, especially with labor and the unions despite or perhaps because of being a mining town. I hope you get rain soon.

Been a bit cooler here in Bris last few days. Fingers crossed for a coolish xmas

@MsDemeanour Thanks for that BUT 39 is predicted for Wednesday unfortunately.
But we will do what we have always done, make the most of it anyway, here's hoping the weather is nicer for you.

@Triphid better than being snowed in. 😀

Anyway, expect the worst but hope for the best.

@MsDemeanour Geez wouldn't mind a bit of snow out here at least it be a whole cooler until it melted....LOL.

@Triphid Holiday in New Zealand?

@MsDemeanour Nice idea BUT going on what my nephew Henry and his parents have endured since leaving for N.Z. last week, lost luggage, cancelled flight, having to find accommodation for the extra nights needed to await another flight, losing 2 days of their planned trip around N.Z, and ALL courtesy of Virgin Airlines I think I'll stay right where I am.

@Triphid Omg. That's disasterous. But on the bright side it will give them a funny story to tell in about oooooh...........20 yrs.

@MsDemeanour They also had to 'shop around' to get enough clean clothing for everyone to wear while waiting for the next available flight.
Virgin informed them on Sunday that a container load of lost luggage was due to arrive on Boxing Day, be sorted through and their luggage would be forwarded to the Motel where they are staying.
Henry's Dad, Matt, told them to forward it to them in N.Z. because he had already booked a flight with N.Z, Airlines and they were flying out that Sunday afternoon and Virgin would be getting a Bill from their Travel Insurers for the WHOLE costs incurred, including the costs of the NEW airline tickets, replacement clothing, Taxi Fares, etc,

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Posted by rathswohlObviously we will be served the same propaganda as the yanks since they have murdoch as well but are we really going to swallow the Iraq story again?

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