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So now I am spayed. And, according to the doctors, the cancer hadn't spread and I will be OK. I'm so lucky, considering how long it took me to get help! Another week or 2 and I should be able to resume "normal" life. I hope sex is still fun without all my parts! I'm more worried about working again--my muscles have all shriveled up, and the high altitude of Colorado Springs makes me constantly tired and short of breath. Then there's my broken wrist, which still isn't right 2 months later....I've always been a hard worker so it will be weird this time around. It's approaching the year anniversary of when I escaped my marriage. My new life has had many challenges. I so appreciate the support here at Agnostic, especially this wonderful group!

Carin 8 Aug 22
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Life is a challenge. I'm sure you didn't see this coming. From my own experience sex is better without those parts. I'm glad you are feeling better.


So happy for you. It took me longer to get to a new normal but it happens. Congrats!

Yes, new normal seems a bit much to ask for since I never was very good at old normal to begin with! Since I've moved since my diagnosis that makes things even weirder. I have to find new people to work for and all that. I started driving again just recently so I'm learning where things are.

Thanks for the encouragement!

@Carin I had stopped driving for several years so been there done that. I use my GPS on my phone and learn my way on new roads. I'm in the process of looking for a roommate nationwide. More new people and roads to learn.

@sassygirl3869 I'm totally technophobic! I saw you are thinking of moving. Exciting and scary! Good luck! Did you decide on an area yet?

@Carin someone here from Arizona is going to meet me when I visit end of September.

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