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Hey all, new to this group, but not to skepticism. I've noticed a huge uptick in woo peddling making the rounds on the site. The usual shit like vitamins, unproven cures, conspiracy theories, etc. It's somehow a bit unsettling to know that even though many people on this site claim to be atheists or agnostics, they still accept junk science as fact.

I very often just end up shaking my head and going elsewhere on the net. I left social media for more of this? It's a 24/7 fight some days and as most of us know, it's almost impossible to argue or provide enough facts to make most people happy.

Anyhow, glad to find this group!

SenorRotten 7 Apr 3
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I don’t visit the groups you do. The only woo I see is the occasional Big Bang sci fi stuff a few people post in the science-oriented groups.

yvilletom Level 8 Apr 10, 2020

Just look at the Hippie forum. I used to be a hippy but had forgotten how much woo went along with it. Now I'm just a non-woo believing pot head.

Theresa_N Level 8 Apr 7, 2020

Like the Radium fad of the early 20th century?
Zinc nasal spray now, for the Covid-19 virus.
Well, it should stop you growing penicillin fungus in your nostrils!
Even if it did manage to hinder this virus, it can still enter via the mouth, on handled food for example.

Petter Level 9 Apr 3, 2020

@Petter -- Worse, perhaps, is the ever present foot in mouth disease.


I haven't noticed a ton of woo, but enough to make me wonder about some people.


Well, let me be among those to bid you welcome, sir. As for peddling woo on this site, I've noticed that too. It's a damn shame we can't be rid of it no matter where we go. Speaking of which, I have an amulet that was recently retrieved from the Golden Stream that is guaranteed to protect you from such attacks and other atrocious behaviors that unsavory folk who inhabit this and other sites foist upon you. If you act now, you can have this one of a kind treasure for just $39.95 + shipping and handling.


Good to meet you.

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