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Okay, so there's this:


Which led me to this:

evidentialist 8 Aug 15
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I was having a hard enough time dotting I's and crossing T's.

Lincoln55 Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

boring, mebbe. inconsistency okay for native speakers but hell for those learning the language. this from one who has tutored many a foreigner.

TheDoubter Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

Mine doesn't change pronunciation, just alphabet structure. It works better and is much easier to learn. It shortens text presentations by as much as 60%.


I read the original essay a couple of months after its release. That's how far behind delivery of subscriptions were to our little farm in the mountains. I was six years old at the time and the piece made a lasting impression on me. Fast forward to 1957 or there abouts. I wrote a little essay based on the same theme. I didn't do it to publish, but ego drove me to improve upon the theme. I think I did what I set out to do. It has been so long since I've seen what I wrote that I don't know if I still have it, but if I do I'll publish it here. I recall it being a hell of a lot of fun.