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Are there any Jack London fans out there? (please don't say "Oh I loved The call of the wild! because he wrote so much more)
One of my favorite is " Star Rover", or you could read The Iron heel because it is so relevant for today.

Teterbilt 6 Aug 18
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He did some excellent work. It is possible that he stole a number of his Alaskan stories from an old priest. One could argue, as Shakespeare did,he took some good ideas and made them better.


Absolutely. 'Martin Eden' was my introduction to his 'non-nature' works and I have enjoyed almost everything I have read of his.

CeliaVL Level 7 Aug 18, 2018

"Truly, he made me a better man. Yet he was not strait-laced. And he knew nothing of common Christian morality.... he was a heathen... a gross materialist who believed that when he died he was dead. He believed merely in fair play and square-dealing.... Otoo had my welfare always at heart. He thought ahead for me, weighed my plans and took a greater interest in them than I did myself."

One of my favorites of his shorts, though it is somewhat problematic in present parlance.


or Alone

TheDoubter Level 8 Aug 18, 2018
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