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I have this 9-5 that requires no creativity. Well, figuratively my workplace is a circus of buffoonery, so i do assign imginative jobs to everyone, like clown, juggler, the guy who shovels shit from the floor, etc. At any rate; i write - let's just say sometimes. Sometimes, when i am not trying to keep my wits about me in the noise of the calliope, i write. This week though, and the past few weeks, and weekends, i have been exhausted in my brain. Intellectually i'm mush. I feel guilt for not doing more to quit the circus and start my own sideshow act. This is what I'm getting at - does anyone else here feel like they are too tired from work to work?? (Im obviously referring to folks who are writers as a side hustle, not those who make a living wage with words. This is also not writers block. Im exhusted, not stuck.) I don't know if I'm looking for advice, commiseration, or something i cannot define with the words i know.

Lillyfield41 7 Sep 19
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Great post. Lots of silly images. And lots of good words. Great words. Important words.

And: it is obviously the beginning of a story.

Jacar Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

thank you. you are very kind labeling my words important.

@Lillyfield41 Prolly a trumpian slip.


Is there any chance that the job itself could be the inspiration to write. Use your imagination to further develop the mess that is work. I immediately thought of ""The Office". The situation is right in front of you step back and laugh at it.

well, the office politics and nonsense in that third of my day is pretty much the same bullshit that everyone is going through. it's not that i'm uninspired, i'm just tired. if i can get my laptop open in the evening, i would be able to get words strung together. i don't know what to do to combat the exhaustive discouragement my body is pushing down upon me. Thanks for your thoughts.


Physical exhaustion? Sleeping well?
How old are you and what are you eating?
I learned when i was 55 that i had had a lifelong reaction to wheat. As with most things, it got chronic after i moved past the 50 mark.
Eating any wheat for a day or two will result in complete fatigue, and interest in doing nothing. Combine that with the regular stupidity of those surrounding me results in total physical and mental depression.
I then force myself to do mindless activities, garden weeding, cleaning my house and office,... And reading more fiction, staying away from news and reality. And determining to not eat what ain't good fer me. (no more beer for me.)

And: i do find visiting these forums gets me writing about what ever.

(Note: I have always copied to a document file all my comments here and on FB, quora,... I am sure i got at least 60K words. And good ideas.)

Jacar Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

i have [diagnosed] chronic pancreatitis and bipolar 1 - both of which are exhausting. the mental demands of my job right now is wearing me out. it's so bad, i'm thinking about applying for disability. i have notes all over the place and i just have to do it. this weekend i have an appointment with someone who wants me to start her biography. maybe knowing it's 'work' with deadlines will at least get my computer open. when it's open and my fingers are on the keys, i pretty much write until my eyes close for the night. it's just been so hard to open the laptop to start. (not because i don't know what to write, but i don't feel like doing it.) Thanks for your words.

@Lillyfield41 Do explore the food issue. Reactions can take days. And combinations can also be a disguiser. Eating the same food too often (every day) can result in an intolerance.
No beans for me now. And seeds have recently headed their ugly rears, so no almonds, flax,...

@Lillyfield41 don't close the laptop.


i was a member of the working press for decades. when you feel blocked just push ahead however you can. I found that letting go of what was stopping me for a period allowed me to recycle and pick up where I was stuck

TheDoubter Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

It's not blocked. it's exhaustion and stress. my mind is spinning, i just can't open my computer at home (or lunch at work.). it's just disheartening. i did join a writing group locally and i'm a part of a ton of facebook writing groups that encourage each other; but honestly, the only thing i've been doing to decompress is knitting and now that i signed up for this site, i've been looking at posts each night. it's not productive and definitely not moving along my transition to full time writer. Thanks for your thoughts.


Do yourself a favor, providing your overhead will fit in with one of these: []

I've been a ghost and freelancer several times. I supported my bills for two years while in between full-time 9-5's. I'm working on 3 projects for others and 2 of my own. I can do it. I love doing it. But like @resserts comments below... Stress just won't let me write. I started a blog, to help me sort through some emotions on writing and bipolar as well as to save and share some of my writing. I just feel like all I've done is commute to work, commute to couch. I will chwck out the link in more detail. Thanks so much!

@Lillyfield41 -- Aha. Understood.


I take my revenge to the page. Colorful characters and situations, a few ribbings. All done coyly. Not to say that you have any gripes. So it may be a source of inspiration some day.

Croebheir Level 6 Sep 19, 2018

I've found that my creativity is stifled by stress. When things "flow" at work, I'm much more at ease and better able to think creatively (at work and on my own time), but when things are too stressful and too busy/frantic, I haven't the mental energy or capacity for creative pursuits.

resserts Level 8 Sep 19, 2018

This is it exactly!


i have had horrid jobs. i am disabled now but before i was unable to work, i left those horrid jobs. it's not always that easy, and it's not always easy to find a new one. the best advice i have to give you is to find a new job BEFORE quitting the old one.


genessa Level 8 Sep 19, 2018

☺ i don't want one more job for someone else. I really would like to keep writing so that i can suppprt my life with it. I like having fancy dog food and health insurance. I just havent had any motivation to pursue my passion because i'm drained from the circus.

that doesn't happen overnight and meanwhile rent must be paid and the dog must be fed.


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