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Here is a review for my novel, Seeds of Memory


As the narrator in Seeds of Memory explains, "The line separating a brilliantly planned, flawless[ly] executed stratagem and blind luck is so fine that it is invisible to the participants." What I admired about the book is how it expertly highlights this line in its telling of a complex and thought-provoking story.

Technology will someday make it possible to alter the character of humanity in ways we can only imagine. Our ability to understand and manipulate the human genome may yet lead towards unknown alterations to our bodies and mind. If we can shape the mind, the perennial question inevitably leads to a questioning of free will. Seeds of Memory raises these possibilities, and juxtaposes them with a science fiction adventure that challenges the notion of what it means to be human.

J. Richard Jacobs' tale portrays a richly layered society of competing powers, each with its own agenda. I found the writing to be clear, concise, and on occasion masterful, ultimately making this ambitious story successful. As the plot weaves itself together, it is at first unclear what seemingly disparate events and people have to do with each other. My one criticism of the book is that it was a bit difficult to keep up with its many threads, but I found the challenge to be well worth it. As the story progresses, one begins to understand the meaning behind many of these disparate happenings. In the end, Jacobs' novel was not only enjoyable and entertaining but provoked my intellect and left me very satisfied.

I highly recommend it for discriminating fans of science fiction, and for anyone interested in a good story that creatively explores the human condition.



Copyright: Double Dragon Publishing Inc. (Standard Copyright License)
Edition: First
Pages: 612

evidentialist 8 Mar 31
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