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United States workers have experienced many hardships through out the past 245 years. Yet just for being in the modern era, does not warrant that those hard ships have past. In the book, On The Clock is meant to be an insight into the workplace of service jobs within the United States. The author traveled around the country, working for 3 different companies and 3 distinct jobs, all the while documenting the troubles and hardships she found there and the over all understanding of how job turnover rates are incorporated into the system. Working as much, as fast, and efficiently as possible for as little pay as possible. Can be maddening to most any person, and is maddening to many, whom struggle to get by with such working conditions.

The idea is to read this book within the next month and compile a review to post on here, around February 26th, 2020. If you would like to join the review and post your own thoughts, highly encourage you to pick up this book.

TCorCM 7 Jan 29
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