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Hello, everybody. This is my first post on this website. I'm an author, and I was wondering how to share a copy of a book that I have written here. Can someone help me out?

Thank you

johnsmith0001 3 Feb 10
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Freddy Fazbear's fnaf security breach is a survival horror game set in the Mega Pizzaplex. You will take on the role of Gregory, a boy who has been trapped inside all night. When the surprisingly powerful Pizzaplex lockout takes effect, you must survive while looking for a way out.

fnaf12 Level 2 Feb 16, 2023

Are you really serious about this???

dreammojo Level 3 Feb 13, 2023

What is the title of the book and how can get it?

Ed_Benj Level 2 Feb 11, 2023

As you say it's on Amazon (in a comment further down the page), that may affect how you can share it. Is it in the unlimited program where it's exclusive to Amazon? Is it a free ebook? Are you trying to find readers to review it in the hope of getting it noticed? Depending on what you're trying to achieve, you may be damaging its chances by contaminating the "also boughts" by getting the wrong people to read it - that can kill a book and prevent the algorithm from recommending it to anyone.

Do a search for David Gaughran and you'll find a host of free and inexpensive knowledge about how to get your book noticed, and how to avoid killing it. One of the biggest common mistakes people make when they self-publish a book is to get all their friends and relatives to buy a copy in an attempt to give it a boost, but it turns out that this has the opposite effect from the one intended because it contaminates the "also boughts". Suppose your friends are all heavily into science-fiction and fantasy while you have written a romance. What happens when they all buy your book? Amazon's algorithm sees a little jump in sales and looks at the kind of books those buyers normally read, then it makes your book appear in the "also bought" section under a number of science-fiction and fantasy books, but the readers of those books have no interest in your book, so none of them click through to it. The algorithm then sees the lack of success and stops recommending it. The only way to recover from this situation is to get a larger number of people who normally read romance to read your book so as to decontaminate the also boughts and get the algorithm to notice a new bump in sales so that it starts recommending your book again by putting it in the also bought section of other romance novels, and with it appearing there, some people will click through to have a look at it.

If you set the book to free and ask random readers in places like this to have a look at your book, that may harm it in the same way. The people you need to read your book are the ones who normally read that kind of book, so you need to target them and tell the rest to stay well clear of it, while any relatives and friends who want to read it should be told to buy it in paper form so that the algorithm ignores those sales.


We have a writer's group.

273kelvin Level 8 Feb 10, 2023

What is the title of the book? What is the book about?

xenoview Level 8 Feb 10, 2023

I'm not sure of the size limit for documents to be uploaded here but you could try it. 🙂

ASTRALMAX Level 8 Feb 10, 2023

Is it on Amazon? Post a link here and on your profile. Welcome btw.

barjoe Level 9 Feb 10, 2023

Oh, yeah. It is actually. Thanks for reminding me!


Click the 'Groups' and scroll down to authors, editors etc. Once you find that (this is it) post a link to your book and I suggest if you want some feedback make it free.

K9Kohle Level 6 Feb 10, 2023

I'm no technical wiz, but I think you might have to put the book on a separate site, and provide a link to that site on your profile page. Good luck!

Thank you

@johnsmith0001 Or set up a dropbox for a one off email account & advertise or invite people to contact you for the url\link to it.

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