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2020 is over. But the world is looking just as bleak within a full scale fascist capitalist take over.

Foreword to 30 Years of War, the German edition of David North’s A Quarter Century of War


{The analyses, comments, statements and lectures collected in this book were not written from the standpoint of a passive observer. They are the product of the active struggle waged by the Trotskyist movement against imperialism and war over the last three decades. The contribution “Marxism and the Science of Historical Perspective,” in particular, explains and develops the Marxist method that is the basis for this book and the struggle waged by all of the great Marxists of the 20th century, above all Lenin and Trotsky, against capitalism and war. The author stresses that the activity of the revolutionary party must be determined not simply by subjective knowledge, but by a “correct evaluation of the fundamental social and economic tendencies of development on a world scale.”

The political perspective of our party does not proceed from subjectively motivated hopes and desires. Marxists conceive of revolution neither as punishment for the evil-doings of capitalists, nor as reward for their own altruistic efforts to abolish poverty. The perspectives of the revolutionary party must develop out of an analysis of the objectively real contradictions of the capitalist mode of production.

Especially remarkable in this regard is the Manifesto Against Imperialist War and C olonialism, which appeared on 1 May, 1991, just a few months prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It stressed that the collapse of the Stalinist regime did not mean the failure of Marxism, but its great confirmation. The collaboration of the Kremlin regime in the attack on Iraq was “the historical high-point of the counterrevolutionary role played by Stalinism, both within the Soviet Union and internationally for more than half a century.”}

German government registers record military budget and gears up for war

In the section, “What this means for Germany,” Kramp-Karrenbauer and Zorn bluntly state that the planned rearmament is in preparation for full-scale wars. Germany, they say, has a “special duty towards Europe’s security because of its geographical position in the centre of Europe and its economic strength” and must “make a contribution to security and peace that is commensurate with its situation and capabilities—including in the military sphere.”


Germany is now the self proclaimed police of Europe.

French neo-fascist Le Pen, interior minister debate anti-Muslim policies

Before this carefully staged event, the press published a battery of polls on potential candidates in next year’s French presidential elections. An IFOP poll found that 67 percent of the population expects Le Pen and President Emmanuel Macron to make it to the second round, setting up a rematch of the 2017 elections. Moreover, 70 percent would be unhappy about such an election. A Harris Interactive poll found that currently Macron would only very narrowly defeat Le Pen, who would get 48 percent of the vote.


Will the French population be forced to wager on 2 undesirable candidates? One clearly a fascist, the other an already unpopular fascist wearing a capitalist skin as a facade. Just like home.

William_Mary 8 Feb 14
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