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Cashing in on racialist politics: Black Lives Matter foundation raised $90 million in 2020

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) last week released for the first time a report outlining its financial position. The so-called “2020 Impact Report” states that the organization collected over $90 million last year.


Thank you Mr. Floyd. You're making a few at the top of the organization quite wealthy. We can breath now.

{The swelling financial basis for BLMGNF has led to infighting over access to the resources. Multiple local branches have accused its leadership of lack of financial transparency and accountability. Ten chapters, dubbed #BLM10, claimed that local groups have received little to no financial assistance from their parent organization. Records BLM shared with the Associated Press say that local chapters received multiple rounds of funding ranging between $800 and $69,000 since 2016.}

Well, I spoke on this just yesterday. So I'll just leave that there to ponder over.

{The Black Lives Matter organizations have been promoted by a section of the American ruling class as part of an effort to promote racial divisions and obscure common class interests of all workers, including in the fight against police violence. The agenda of these organizations has nothing to do with the grievances of workers and youth of any race or ethnicity. Rather, they speak for privileged sections of the middle class seeking to cash in on the promotion of racial politics to advance their own positions within the state and corporate America.}

I'm curious to how the Black Agenda Report will cover this information. Stay tuned.

William_Mary 8 Feb 28
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Identity politics at its most profitable.


Well gee, I thought BLM supported the Palestinian cause. Only the latter cause counts, right?...

racocn8 Level 8 Feb 28, 2021

If you followed the sources I'm using combined with the group narrative and agenda, they correlate with the narrative in the article. I've spoken on these issues a number times while addressing certain advocacy groups or special interest groups. I'll attempt to get you caught up with this conjecture.

As the article suggest there is currently a rift in the BLM construct. This is relevant to many organizations and grass roots movements that often eventually end up aligning with an establishment party, then they begin receiving injections of large donations from corporations, foundations, and NGO's (non government organizations). Often these entities are the very opposition in which the movement began from. In essence it ends up diminishing the movements agenda as the party they align with and or these entities manage to control their advancement they might reach otherwise as a grassroot.

We can clearly see this in the BLM aspect after several years of essentially getting no where in their cause. Having aligned with the democratic party, it's basically done nothing for them. Policies are brought up and gone with the wind. An example would be the latest Floyd issue on choke holds. These have been "outlawed" in many states, including where his death happened, yet no real sense of holding anyone to accountable occurs. To date as we bring it up, we've essentially have silence on what's being done. Gone with the wind. It will happen again. Then there's the defunding issue. Clearly a disinformation tactic to create division. No one wants to defund law enforcement, but divert some funding to a socialized combination partnership where force isn't necessary. Yet BLM doesn't help to emphasis this to a means it's almost compliant to allow its own diminishment. Or how about using some of that 90 million to stress their point as an offer to partner with local law enforcement. Where's all that money going!

That leads to who's getting all the money. And why is it taking this long to get a report on who's injecting it. Why's there seemingly a discrepancy in the group on money management? By now you might be getting a sense of how aligning with these entities have managed to diminish the movement? It's They are creating another sense of division on top of one already installed in the societal arena.

For this particular article I'm simply concentrating, as the article is, on that narrative between money and the movements current challenges from within.

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