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Biden Is Bending Rules to Drop Bombs But Not to Raise Wages—That’s a Mistake

{People overcame great challenges to put this administration, and this Senate, in power. We shouldn’t be bombing people abroad while families at home struggle to survive.}

Death always wins with sociopaths. These actions will result in deaths here at home also in various ways. Have no doubt about this. They're happening today and growing with more poverty and growing homelessness. Especially within hunger and medical aspects.


{In the same week that the rules went out the window to bomb Syria, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that the Senate couldn’t pass a provision raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour through the reconciliation process.

What Democrats could have done, if they really wanted to pass a living wage, is rewrite the language in the bill so that it meets the right criteria for the reconciliation process. Or the Biden administration could have tried to overrule the decision.}

Where's Sanders and the squad now? Sanders having been in DC all these years and he still isn't intelligent enough to know of or think of modifying a bill yet? The entire core of progressives and the squad are all ignorant of such procedures? Where's Sanders mentorship? Now now girls, don't upset our owners? Keep to the script?

{Under George W. Bush, Republicans actually fired the Senate parliamentarian who ruled against passing Bush’s tax cuts under reconciliation — and then passed them in a 50-50 Senate much like today’s.

Instead, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Biden was “disappointed” but “respects the parliamentarian’s decision and the Senate’s process.” Basically, he threw up his hands and said sorry, but rules are rules.}

Rules are rules or, rulers are our rulers? We work for a club and the commons aren't in that club.

{When it comes to life-saving policy for millions of working families in the United States, there was no attempt from Biden to justify a workaround. But when it comes to life-destroying air strikes that only serve to enrich weapons manufacturers and destabilize the region, the rules went out the window.}

William_Mary 8 Mar 6
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