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My posting has come to nearly a stand still. I started 4 post yesterday and deleted them all. 2 of them were from Grayzone which their articles draw little attention here and on subjects that also draw virtually no attention. An excellent site for information with actual investigative journalist that can't be evidentially challenged while challenging MSCM's platforms of desk reporters. 2 were out of Consortium News which 1 was on Biden deportations, the other on the fake news The Guardian and Observer provide. The subject matter of these 4 articles are that of which I've covered here for years to seemingly no avail. SO why.

It's obvious that even while after this last election cycle that most people who were watching and shouting from their rabbit holes during 4 years of a false manufactured reality orchestrated around Trump, that most people, as predicted, have dropped back down into their rabbit holes within that false sense of security found in the Obama era. Establishment agenda accomplished.

I took a walk into the world of delusional politics yesterday, the Politics page, and found depression. More depression. The first few post I viewed were about as politically sound as a dry river lacking any substance as where my canoe took ground on a Rachel Maddow post. A video post that I didn't have permission to watch. hmmmm No information really on even what the content was about in the comments and the poster didn't follow up. But....

Observance of Maddow receiving glorification should make anyone who is even fairly in touch with the reality of world information blow chunks. For fucks sake, this is a woman who has spent every moment she can find to continue bellowing out a false narrative on Russiagate since 2016. False information on the Uyghur issue in China. Disinformation on Iraq and Afghanistan for 18 years for support of the establishment agenda. !Syria! !Venezuela! She supports death and destruction around the globe for the vast amount of her air time while glorified for a mere fraction of her time spewing out some resemblance of decency to cover up her deceitful compliance. She gets paid well for it also.

The kick in the teeth came for a comment referring to her as a very good investigative reporter!?! Someone from this group even 😟 Maddow is no more a investigative reporter than I am. She's an elite desk reporter who sits in front of a camera each night basically telling her followers one of the approximately 80% of false stories that are handed down to her from public relation firms, NGO's, think tanks, and corporations on repetitive mode. Investigative journalist actually go out into the world to conduct substantial investigations towards discovery to reach some sense of coherent information and understanding. Partial information purposely designed to deceive and condition societies perception is evil. And she makes very good money for doing it.

William_Mary 8 May 2
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