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What the Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong

The Yahoo! report provides important new details of facts reported a year ago, but contains several errors, including a fabricated story about Russian operatives exfiltrating Assange from the Ecuador embassy, writes Joe Lauria.


Consortium News, along with other outlets, reported a year ago today, on Sept. 30, 2020, of a CIA plot to kidnap or poison Julian Assange, based on sworn testimony in Assange’s extradition hearing in London. Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone was the first to report the story back in May 2020.

‘The American friends’: New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Julian Assange

Believe me I know, I'm a micro element to being one of those sources here in this community. With that said, I was using Blumenthal's articles here during that time frame in which if any genuine political followers who want to change our country, would have taken a serious concern to our political nature which I try to expose here, you would have known the Yahoo story had flaws. The article below is actually only 1 of a few he covered on Sheldon Adelson’s security team, Las Vegas Sands, over a year ago.


Let me also remind you all on how much false rhetoric and claims of being a fake news source The Grayzone gets from the establishment, their own fake MSCM, and social medias. Yet over a year later Blumenthal's work gets blind credit, only if you're aware of them, when his work should have been highly recognized within grave concern then. But lets move on to see what motivates Yahoo and the rest of MSCM, now mistakingly being credited for breaking this story, finally leaping forward a year in attempting to use history of an independent source as a new discovery.

{The September 2020 testimony made first in a Madrid court came from a former partner, and an employee of UC Global, the Spanish security firm paid by the CIA to spy on Assange inside Ecuador’s London embassy, including on Assange’s privileged conversations with his lawyers and doctors.}

Also covered by The Grayzone within multiple articles as you'll see in the above article correlated with Sheldon Adelson’s security team story.

{The reaction to the 7,000-word piece by Yahoo! News on Sunday proves the axiom that until something appears in the mainstream media, it didn’t happen. That’s because establishment media largely ignored the story a year ago when it was revealed in court.}

In other words. If the owners of our political representatives and our media discourse don't want you informed on important matters that effect the world around us, you have to go to those who will inform us or continue living in their delusional reality. When you are informed by their system, it's to fucking late! and probably to hide something else!

{it contains a number of factual errors.} This one, for anyone genuinely paying attention, is on parr of continuous fear mongering that should have made even the least intelligent roll their eyes.

-Yahoo! uncritically reports a made-up story about Russia trying to extract Assange from the Ecuador embassy.

-Yahoo! falsely reports that the Obama administration took no action against Assange until WikiLeaks helped whistleblower Edward Snowden escape Hong Kong in 2013, when the Obama FBI actually ran a sting operation against Assange in Iceland in 2011, and empaneled a grand jury the same year, facts not mentioned in Yahoo!‘s report.

And lets push the infamous false Russian government claim yet another time.

-Yahoo! takes as fact that Russia hacked the Democrats and gave its emails to Assange, though these are only allegations in a U.S. indictment and ignores congressional testimony from CrowdStrike’s CEO that there was no concrete evidence of a hack resulting in data being taken.

{Yahoo!, in addition, wrongly states that WikiLeaks’ intention was to get Snowden to Moscow. It says: “WikiLeaks helped arrange Snowden’s escape to Russia from Hong Kong. A WikiLeaks editor also accompanied Snowden to Russia, staying with him during his 39-day enforced stay at a Moscow airport … ” It uncritically quotes Evanina, the former head of U.S. counterintelligence, as saying: “

In fact, WikiLeaks booked Snowden on a flight to Ecuador via Cuba with a change of planes in Moscow. The United States had canceled Snowden’s passport so he was unable to board the connecting flight to Havana. Yahoo! also fails to make clear that it was the U.S. that enforced his stay in Moscow, where Snowden never had any intention of staying.}

{The Yahoo! story breaks a fundamental rule of journalism by reporting an indictment as fact, rather than allegations that need to be proven in court.}

In other words. Mueller syndrome.

{The plot to kill or abduct Assange never got off the ground because of the objections from White House lawyers and other Trump administration officials who alerted the House and Senate intelligence committees of Pompeo’s designs. “There were serious intel oversight concerns that were being raised through this escapade,” a Trump national security official is quoted as saying.}

Basically what is being accomplished here is the rehashing of old fallacies of unproven accusations and an apparent attack on Trump, making it appear he is the fall guy. Build up support for Trump much from his support base?

William_Mary 8 Oct 2
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You have too many wannabe Hollywood script writers over there. The real ones have successfully adled American brains into absolute stupidity.
I'm reminded of the ubiquitous Australian "she'll be right mite" catch phrase.

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