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Who's monetary system is going to collapse first? England's or the US?

On occasion I have talked about the world power structure being centered in the City of London. All things that correlate to the ruling class rule over us essentially goes through the Little City of London. They have their own laws for their elite who are virtually untouchable. Then there's the arm of the Vatican City who rules within itself also. Virtually untouchable also with a rather questionable history. Manhattan--known regionally as the City--Anchored by Wall Street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, New York City has been called both the most economically powerful city and the leading financial center of the world. Then there's the arm of Brittan's Hong Kong. These are our 4 major economic monetary power points controlling the worlds ponzi schemes. Although the roll of the Vatican has managed to be vastly secretive, along within interactions with organized crime, money laundering, withholding many of the worlds most wanted aspects of discovery in their secret vault, and assisting the highest ranking Nazi's in escaping Europe as WWII was collapsing, mostly making their way to various parts of South America. These are all aspects of the entire global ponzi scheme which ultimately run through the Little City of London. Bitcoin is bring it down? Max and Stacy have a talk about it.

Max and Stacy compare a recent Reuters report suggesting that the UK is the ‘bank scam capital of the world’ with comments from a deputy at the Bank of England claiming bitcoin could cause a financial crisis.


William_Mary 8 Oct 24
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I don't believe all the hype behind Bitcoin. Max seems to think it's going to make all the peasants rich or that it's going to replace our current system. There might be a more digital system in the future, but I believe it will still be based on the dollar and retain the value it has now. Regular people can't really afford to invest in Bitcoin. Only the people that got in at first are going to get rich from it. 1 Bitcoin is like $63k right now. It was like $67k 3 days ago. It's incredibly too volatile. It's lost half it's value over night at times. I've heard it described as something equivalent to just another pyramid scheme from known financial criminals. Besides, if Bitcoin really had any value or was a threat to the dollar, it would never be allowed to exist or flourish anyway. Not unless the U.S. was backing it.

Yea, I can't afford to take a chance of throwing my money into it LOL

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