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Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of sex-trafficking young girls for Jeffrey Epstein

It was widely known within ruling-class circles for more than 20 years that the wealthy investment advisor Jeffrey Epstein was hosting social gatherings at his residences in New York City; Palm Beach, Florida; Paris; New Mexico and his private island in the Caribbean that included sex with underage girls. These events included all-expenses paid travel on Epstein’s private jet and attracted the participation of dozens of high-profile bourgeois figures such as former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., US Senator George Mitchell and Prince Andrew, all of whom have denied participating in the sexual abuse of minors.

While the four-week trial and conviction of Maxwell is being reported as a reckoning by the criminal justice system with the monstrous abuse of underage girls by Jeffrey Epstein and his elite social circle, it has not revealed the full extent of the participation of others within the US and around the world in his sex ring.


{It is also clear that the corporate media has deliberately muted its coverage and shown little to no interest in exploring important new facts that have emerged from the trial. For example, the 118 pages of flight logs between 1991 and 2006 that were entered into evidence during the trial show far more about who was traveling and how often they traveled with Epstein than has been previously revealed.}

William_Mary 8 Dec 31
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Maxwell could face up to 65 years on the 5 of 6 counts of which she was found guilty. If she was going to give up names then she would have done it already to avoid conviction.

They blasted the Rittenhouse trial all over the place, but this trial was kept quiet. I think there were almost 2,000 names on those logs.


The whales will never be charged or prosecuted. The big whigs hardly ever get exposed or in trouble. The higher ups in our federal agencies work for them anyway. Look at the report that came out recently on CIA employees committing pedophilia and the CIA covering it up.


Right! And where are all the videos from his places that were confiscated? Also not mentioned. And people will call us conspiracy theorist when you mention that the ruling class have a number of these sexual networks around the globe that involve our government power structure. But have a major local sporting event going on and talk about sex rings comes out like cockroaches in attempts to catch some local citizen looking for a good cheap fling. There has been evidence provided indicating this nature for centuries. The only sex rings that get taken down only involve small time pimps and citizens. They're used to create a false impression of there being a genuine concern while they mask the major criminals. Many of which they are.

@William_Mary With everything people have seen over the decades, it's a wonder they have such short memories or think that governments (especially the U.S.) are choir boys with nothing but good in their hearts.

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