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Quite frankly, there has been no better tool than this Ukraine war to place an exclamation mark on the audacious actions of our western governments and the media, all owned by the international ruling class.

Within this glorious moment of time, and it should be seen as glorious to the awaken opposing it, the fascistic nature of a long living European ideology has been finally exposed worldwide. Critical thinking minds can now relate a long history of colonialism as a fascist ideology before Hitler which has found new life on steroids within the 21st century. Quotes of Hitler actually admiring this reality can be found in which he used and based his agenda off of. Only he like many to come after him, was used as a pawn to deliver mass murder and genocide in the mid 20th century. Like the terrorist from 1978 to the present time in the middle east, Ukraine today, funded and supported by western governments until their use expires. The power and money used by the ruling class is the very same tool that apparently enables people to be drawn into their trap towards their own short lived enriched fame.

Today these people would lead us to believe Putin waged a war for only geopolitical reasons. Erasing 8 years of a genocide campaign being waged on Ukraine citizens in the eastern Donbas region. Mindless of decades of broken agreements of expanding NATO to the Russian border. Apparently attempting to indoctrinate the entire westernize citizenship within this manufactured illusion we're essentially being forced to accept another atrocity of human lives. Personally, I find it was well past time someone stood up and did something about it.

For 8 years the Donbas regions were virtually a killing zone no different than that of Gaza. It began with a civilian population defending itself with small arms against a government being supplied with all the modern war equipment from western governments. What did they think would happen right on the border of Russia? That like Israel they could go build a military wall around this population and slowly exterminate these people? Creating another open air prison to plunder the resource and turn any remaining citizens into farm and manufacturing slaves?

BBC correspondent-fixer shaping Ukraine war coverage is PR operative involved in “war-messaging tool”

BBC reports on the suspicious destruction of a theater in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol were co-authored by a Ukrainian PR agent tied to a firm at the forefront of her country’s information warfare efforts.


{According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 13 Ukrainian border guards “died heroically” defending an island base against they Russian Navy. “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!” were the soldiers’ final words, or so the story went.

The Ukrainian guards ultimately turned up alive as Russian captives. The entire story of courage under fire, including the Snake Island defenders’ famous last words, was a myth – one of so many stories fabricated or heavily distorted by pro-Ukraine elements that they have become impossible to count.}

7 FAKE NEWS stories coming out of Ukraine []

{Neither side can confirm Russia has lost six planes in total, let alone to one man inside a single day. And a video alleged to be “the Ghost” in combat – shared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces – is confirmed to actually be footage taken from a video game.

Nevertheless, he already has his own Wikipedia page. A testament to how fast a lie can move while the truth is putting its boots on.}

{A lot of people have been sharing a short video of Russian planes allegedly flying low over the city of Kiev. The Times used it a still from it in their story “Will sanctions stop a Russian shell?”:

The problem with that is it’s not Kiev, it’s Moscow. And it’s not today, it’s two years ago. It’s footage of what is likely a rehearsal for the 2020 Victory Day Parade flyover.}

The still shot comes at the 1:14 or minute mark in the video provided. The video shows multiple aircraft flying over a spot, not one bomb being dropped.

{“LUHANSK POWER STATION EXPLOSION” ---- The video went viral, receiving 100,000s of views. Hundreds of accounts shared it, even major news networks used it, all claiming it shows a power station in Luhansk exploding after being hit with Russian missiles.

It does not, it’s a chemical plant exploding in Tianjin, China in 2015.}

I remember watching that video a number of times. There were actually 2 or 3 versions of it. In 2015. I'll go out on the limb and suggest many here seen it then also. In 2015.

{Another video doing the rounds, and again shared by official Ukrainian accounts, was drone footage supposedly showing the destruction of a column of Russian vehicles.

It’s actually footage of a Turkish drone strike in Syria from 2020.

Meanwhile, other accounts were sharing footage of combat from Libya or Israeli bombardments of Gaza under the hashtag #StandWithUkraine. Middle East Eye has compiled a list.

It’s somewhat beautiful irony that so many of the clips prompting outrage in Western liberals actually come from wars their governments started.}

I'd say you can't make this shit up, but that's the entire scope of the problem, this shit is made up to compound the indoctrination.

{Among the most curious aspects of the incident of the theater was the disappearance of all vehicles from the parking lot in front of the structure hours before the explosion occurred. It seems that though they had been removed in order to avoid being damaged by the expected blast.

Ignoring the accounts of evacuees from Mariupol who said Azov militants had destroyed the theater before retreating, the BBC’s correspondent, Bechaga, and his fixer, Khimiak, initially turned to official Ukrainian sources and a resident who was not present at the theater on the day of the supposed attack.}

{Before her gig with the British state broadcaster, Khimiak handled public relations for a Kiev-based start-up that created an AI app enabling users to superimpose their faces on the bodies of famous people. Called Reface, the app has become “a kind of Ukrainian-war messaging tool” disseminating anti-Russian push notifications to millions of users, the Washington Post reported.

Though BBC proclaims in its own statement of values, “Trust is the foundation of the BBC. We’re independent, impartial and honest,” its hiring of a Ukrainian public relations specialist who has confessed to hatred of all Russians to arrange its coverage of the war in the country is hardly surprising.}

Propaganda 101: Ukraine 2022


William_Mary 8 Mar 27
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The Russians in Ukraine were sent there to take advantage of the Ukrainian economy and resources. Russia has done the same in the Baltic states. This serves two purposes. It both enriches the native Russians and helps to keep those countries Russia friendly.

The natives in those countries naturally want to keep their countries for themselves. It seems we will all always be tribal.

That said, Putin's horrific attacks on the civilians in all parts of Ukraine are evil and your justification for those actions are in my opinion almost inhuman.

Lorajay Level 9 Mar 31, 2022

What's inhuman is the conditions geopolitical strategies manufacture. Which have been going on for centuries. Often referred to as colonialism over a few centuries. I argue that is the pretty name it was purposely given towards eventual acceptance, as used today. Which our societies predominantly seem to accept in silence, those who highly benefit from it. In the early 20th century it was given what became a less attractive name, fascism. Which is highly correlated with its birth in Italy, and especially later within Hitler's Germany. []

When you genuinely compare the conditions these 2 structures conform when they are forced onto a population you find virtually the same beginnings and ending results. In which the common factor is how the westernized governments the past 100 years played a role in developing it as capitalism was failing a population, then using it to support wars. Conditions of a failing society and transformation of advancing technology are common traits that brought in fascism during WWl and WWll. You might recall Major General Smedley Butler statement in the WWl era, war is a racket? It became a racket again for WWll as the US and England banks and corporations illegally funded Germany to rebuild their military breaking an agreement of them not rebuilding a military. Since approximately 2008 Ukraine has been slowly manipulated into playing out this scenario again. The country holds all the hallmark makings.

There's a long list of steps that have been going on along with other NATO expansions for me to get into on it. Being I'm fairly certain I'm wasting my time here anyways due to the fact your reply seemingly lacks any regards to history even from 2014. You seemingly are working from only MSCM perceptions which are managed to erase that history and the full spectrum of its importance. Which I'll also argue are highly exaggerated in many regards.

While you produce an argument for civilians, I must ask, which civilians you're talking about? Were you as concerned about the civilians being murdered in 2014 in the Donbas regions onward to today. I don't recall you ever making any comments over the years for them when I was posting about the genocide campaign being waged on them for the last 8 year period. As a matter of fact, that issue for some reason drew the least views when I was reporting on it. But now that our western governments are using Ukraine within a purposeful agenda to benefit the ruling class deceptively, everyone has all of a sudden found concern for Ukrainian civilians. And blindly doing so for the fascist state aspect of it. No one gave a rats ass about those in the Donbas region who's death numbers are deceptively being mingled into the death counts by our MSCMs to the count of approximately 15,000 about a month ago. Those who are buried in mass graves and now due to Russia's help have been able to start being exhumed and studied. Men, women, children, some with their heads cut off like terrorist do. I guess that's a new tactic by fascist today within the Azov battalion and their other brotherhoods. Found in the Ukraine army, not Russia's. I'll challenge you to watch a video here [] and the rest of these shot clips [] If you really want to expand your knowledge from the side not being told you can find full length documentaries by clicking on the RDT link at the bottom of any of them. Who have been documenting this atrocity for 8 years from all sides. Including videos of the Ukraine army and their Azov battalion from their youtube accounts, various journalist, politicians, Ukrainian military men who went back home to defend there homeland in Donbas, and especially the citizens. One guy was an intelligence agent for Ukraine who went back home taking some classified documents stating eradication was a primary objective from the start. SO attempting to claim it's a one sided Russian narrative doesn't hold water here. It contains the story of multiple sides of the entire spectrum. To claim so would tell me exactly who and what you are.

Baltic states?

US & Ukraine at UN Refuse to Condemn Nazism


{It is of course not just Ukraine. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania the record of collaboration with Nazis, of active participation in fighting for Nazis, and in active participation in genocide is extremely shaming. Throughout Eastern Europe there is a failure in these “victim nations” to look history squarely in the eye and to admit what happened — a failure the United States in actually promoting as “a campaign against Russian disinformation”.

I recommend to you the website Defending History, run by the admirable David Katz, which is a large and valuable resource on this website from a Lithuanian Jewish perspective that cannot remotely be dismissed as Russian or left-wing propaganda. The front page currently features the December 2021 naming of a square in the capital after Lithuanian “freedom fighter” Juokas Luksa “Daumantas,” a man who commenced the massacre of Jews in Vilnius ahead of the arrival of German forces.

These are precisely the kind of commemorations the resolution is against. There has been a rash of destruction of Soviet war memorials and even war graves, and erection of commemorations, in various form, of Nazis throughout the Baltic states. That is what paras 6 and 7 of the resolution refer to, and there is no doubt whatsoever of the truth of these events. It is not “Russian disinformation.”

However the European Union, in support of its Baltic states members and their desire to forget or deny historical truth and to build a new national myth expunging their active role in the genocide of their Jewish and Roma populations, would not support the U.N.Resolution on Nazism. The EU countries abstained, as did the U.K.. The truth of course is that NATO intends to use the descendants of Eastern European racists against Russia much as Hitler did, at least in a cold war context.}

Along with that article are 2 others that should draw a concern for you of perception management, and why the Ukraine issue is at hand today. Quit allowing them to manage your collective thought process. Look outside of their box! []

@William_Mary when you become as concerned about purging the neo-nazis from the United States, as you seem to be about purging them from Ukraine regardless of the cost to the innocent civilians there, I will listen more carefully to your diatribe.

@Lorajay I guess you missed all the times I've correlated this Ukraine issue with exactly that. So your attempt to now use that statement against me within ignorance is just pouring more of a reflection of how you're willing to dismiss information that challenges your managed perception. It's pathetic. Go right ahead and remain in the line with all those who will once again find themselves fooled into another Iraq scenario when the rest of the wheels come off this clown cart as it slowly is today. As you're missing your own demise by denying other sources. Maybe you just support fascism and trolling my group. Give a Heil to your people while here. I have a few lingering around with you.

@William_Mary obviously I'm too ignorant to stay in this group. So long it hasn't been good to know you.


Not another Putin apologist !!. OK NATO has been naive or deliberately provocative in telling Ukraine that they could possibly join NATO. It is very unlikely that it would ever happen and that does not excuse Putin's actions. Did NATO ever agree with the Russians not to expand NATO into Eastern Europe ?. Debatable. there is certainly no written agreement
This is mostly a load of conspiracy theory nonsense.
Take one small point. The bombing of the theatre in Which women and children were sheltering. The author suggests that cars were moved from the car parks because they may be damaged. The car parks had "children" written in Russian in large letters on the car parks. Do you not think that would be why there were no vehicles in the car aprks ?

Moravian Level 8 Mar 31, 2022

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