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Mass demonstrations spread worldwide as food, gas costs spiral

The intolerable increases to the cost of living triggered by the US/NATO war against Russia in Ukraine are producing a massive wave of working-class protests throughout the world. Two years into a pandemic that has killed 20 million people and still rages on, social anger that has been building up around kitchen tables and on shopfloors is now boiling over into the streets. Masses of people of all racial, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds are reaching the same conclusion: life cannot continue in the old way.

These nervous statements from the major institutions of capitalist rule show that the imperialist governments have failed in their effort to use war to deflect from growing domestic tensions. On the contrary, the escalating drive to world war is producing social explosions.


I was wrong. Having stated during the pandemic rise that inflation wouldn't change even as the issue settled down, they found another way to exacerbate it. That's if you consider no longer reporting on the pandemic as a means of settling down also. Manufactured wars manage to erase nearly all other concerning issues while falsely managing our support for them.

If you've been missing this outrage on inflation, or the constant rearming of Ukraine from the western governments by other countries outside the US, it's simply because you're not using the sources brave enough to expose these crimes. As one yesterday made it clear to me that reading obviously is to much work to self educate coherently, maybe TV can be the only means to do so. Along with my reading I also manage to watch these matters come to light from RT news which provides a much more broader coverage of world events for several years. If you want a more realistic view of the Ukraine war and world events, I highly suggest you add their free app to your TV to compare to what you see from our MSCM. Fair warning! Truth can hurt and will if all you buy into is our MSCMs versions. It takes little time to catch their half hour news shows between showings of the 8 year documentary of the Donbas region and the few talk shows they still have from abroad. Also more informative.

Europe, the most effected region for obvious reasons. But as the farming season hits the US, we haven't really seen nothing yet, as bad as it is. With Russia being a primary supplier of fertilizer across the planet we're likely to get another major blow back. That's along with what's going to be a diminishing wheat supply from Ukraine and Russia.

White House says “nothing will dissuade” US from arming Ukraine

A White House official told the Washington Post, “What the Russians are telling us privately is precisely what we’ve been telling the world publicly — that the massive amount of assistance that we’ve been providing our Ukrainian partners is proving extraordinarily effective.”

The Post also quoted George Beebe, former director of Russia analysis at the CIA and Russia adviser to former vice president Dick Cheney, as saying “They have targeted supply depots in Ukraine itself, where some of these supplies have been stored.”


Again, contradictory statements from house to intelligence. Russia just a day ago took out a cargo plane with new arriving weapons, and bombed a depot in Kiev where some had recently been just stored. Currently has several hundred, if not thousands, of Azov troops trapped in a steel plant region of Mariupol. Claiming they are very low on supplies and the Ukraine government forbids them from surrendering. Having virtually cleared them all out of the city are also showing syringes in places they occupied and claiming these fighters are jacked up on drugs to keep fighting for days at a time. If this is true, who's supplying the drugs?

{ Announcing the action, the Pentagon declared, “The United States has now committed more than $3.2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration.” This includes $2.6 billion just within the past two months, since the beginning of the war.}

Rather than peaceful solutions our tax dollars go for expansion of war. Is our social disorder really worth all that money rather than to simply give Russia the sense of security Putin and the Russian society ask for? The Donbas region isn't all that big when it comes to the flight time of a weapon. And considering there's already NATO countries bordering Russia, it's simply madness to destroy all the lives occurring.

William_Mary 8 Apr 17
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