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The Most Joe Biden Thing Ever


I imagine most have forgot about all those other issues Biden has done nothing to change. In many cases, made worse. While many have failed to critically observe the warnings in this regard, the left has actually delivered the knockout punch with Biden as our president. How times have changed within our blissful existence. Just replace the FFC issue with any issue imaginable within this article I have posted many times here. [] And while you may want to blame the republicans for a reversal of Wade, I'll now remind you of the 8 years that Obama chose to allow some 262 district judicial seats to go unfilled during his administration I warned about. Giving Trump and McConnell full advantage towards filling them with more fascist ideology, worse than what had already been taking place. Which will and have been a major decision maker in states for citizens to have a choice to keep their beneficial laws in place.

{So yeah, just so we're clear, the US empire is rapidly restructuring the systems people look to for information about the world in order to ensure iron-fisted control over our dominant narratives while it scrambles to subvert its rivals in cold war maneuverings and secure unipolar planetary hegemony.

The primary purpose of expanding censorship and propaganda on subjects like Ukraine, Russia, Covid, extremism etc is not to control the narrative about those subjects specifically, but to expand and normalize censorship and propaganda. Narrative control is an end in itself, and it's the absolute highest priority because all the empire's power is built upon it.

Censorship, propaganda, and Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation are just different aspects of narrative control. Nobody does this as well as the US-centralized empire and its managers. Nobody ever has.}

William_Mary 8 May 5
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Obama told everyone when he was president that he was going to codify Roe v Wade and then when it came time he said that it wasn't a priority.

It's the same old song. Democrats have control and do nothing or next to nothing and they blame Republicans. Republicans should get the blame too, but it's the same old game the establishment plays.

Now the Democrats have created their own "Ministry of Truth" with their "Disinformation Governance Board".

Joe is talking about possibly canceling SOME student debt again though, so it must mean some elections are coming up lol. The fools will continue voting for both sides.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats emerge as "the heros" here and find a way to stop the Supreme Court from overturning Roe v Wade just in time for the election either.

I agree with you in general about almost all of that, but I am not optimistic that the Dems will save us at the last minute from Roe being overturned. The Dems really don't give a damn about having control of DC, just about getting their corporate campaign money, while their leaders and their families keep their perks, their Ivy League educations, their cushy corporate, think tank, or government jobs after they leave office. They are addicted to that, as well as the corporate campaign cash.

Only a fool thinks that continuing to vote for either major party in fed elections is every going to fundamentally change anything, not even (these days) some of the culture war issues that both parties keep using to rile their bases and raise money from the rubes besides the more important and much larger cash they get from corporations and the rich.

@TomMcGiverin You're probably right. They will just use it as a talking point for the election.

"The Republicans just took away a fundamental Constitutional right from American citizens. We value those rights. It just wasn't a priority when we could have done something about it years ago. We were busy fighting against <insert issue here>. So what we had control of the Presidency, the Senate, and Congress? We didn't have the necessary support and votes from Democrats. Manchin and Sinema didn't support us. We couldn't stop the Supreme Court. The important thing is that we go forward and this is the most important time in American history so we can't fool around with 3rd party votes. Now isn't the time."

Fast forward to 2075 where both parties are to the right of Hitler.

@Piece2YourPuzzle You got it. The Dems just run their standard excuses every time, expect you to forgive them and vote Blue No Matter Who, because, of course, it's always "the most important election of our lifetime", etc.... Well, this fool quit falling for it a long time ago.. As far as the major parties moving to the right, the Dems are already to the right of Eisenhower(except, of course, on the usual culture war issues, which are mainly used to distract us), so what does that tell you?

The Dems don't want to lose abortion as an issue for fundraising among the rubes and riling up their base, because if they did, more people might start looking at how complicit and how much they are like the Repubs on all the issues that matter to the rich and corporations, and we can't have that.....

@TomMcGiverin I'm not surprised at voters, but at the same time it's frustrating.

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