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Guarding Democracy from News

As Orwellian as the Disinformation Governance Board may be, it’s not even the most immediate threat to our freedom of speech

First, the Biden administration named something called a “Disinformation Governance Board,” housed in the Department of Homeland Security, whose job will supposedly be to “standardize the treatment of disinformation by the agencies it oversees.” That means that the government will be the final arbiter of what disinformation is. It will decide what we can and can’t read. At least that’s the plan. (It is now on hold after an angry backlash.)

Republicans were furious with the announcement, with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) telling Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at a Senate hearing last month, “This is an awful idea, and you ought to disband it.”


I assure you this is all a shit show being carefully orchestrated behind a curtain of deceit. One that has been going on more extensively since the Reagan era. It's simply a distraction to continue to draw us from what you should already have recognized. The fact that they have managed to con a vast amount of our citizenship into allowing them to fund, support, and weaponize a fascist government they essentially put into place is quite telling. Allowing that government to wage a genocide campaign for over 8 years now without it barely being mentioned in the media all that time, to now creating a false narrative towards blaming Russia for it to fit their western, NATO, agenda against Russia.

Not only did this time lapse provide the means to rewrite the history of the last 8 years, while Ukraine was also rewriting their WWll history, which falsely manages the perception that fascist elements of WWll were the Ukrainian hero's in that time period, it also erased the illegal actions of western governments involvement along with their various groups who funded and supported the color revolution to bring Ukraine to this current point. Just as these governments have been developing flash point regions for terrorist to grow in, we now have witnessed a flash point region for fascism to flourish. We should all be highly thankful towards Russia for exposing this and fighting against it, for the sake of those in the Donbass regions that have been enduring the crimes on humanity there for these past 8 years.

But then you would have had to of been following the factual resources that have been attempting to expose it since 2013 at least, and todays attempts which are still being suppressed. This color revolution actually has roots as far back as 2009. And there has always been a significant fascist element in Ukraine for decades, actually since WWll in which terrorist militia members for the German army of that period under Stepan Bandera have continued to glorify fascist ideology.

It should be no surprise to anyone that republicans would challenge such a "genuine" attempt to quell dis/misinformation to any degree. To actually combat such in their regard would entail much of their past involvements and ideology that exposes a domestic resemblance to the Maidan revolution. Jan 6th anyone? Both Parties want to erase that moment from history. For Biden it presents a false perception he has concerns for truth and facts, making genuine the primary sentiment here. Erased is the major part he played in Ukraine in 2014 for the Obama administration. How his party has essentially done nothing genuinely about Jan 6th.

All of these issues our MSMs and social medias have been accomplices in. Our western governments under the direction of the international ruling class have been exacerbating perpetual warring across the planet for over 5 decades now without any genuine challenge from the any sense of MSM. They have within compliance purposely spewed dis/misinformation for the causes as needed to only provide half truths after the damages and deaths occurred. History is in correlation the same as narratives. When you have the ability to control them you can betray them and who ever you managed to get to believe in them.

Colonialism is the mother of fascism. The US was a colony and will remain a colony of a power structure developed long before its "Independence." It will remain so as fascism continues to grow here at home unless we stand up against it. You won't find relief from it from the 2 party establishment that funds and supports it. And their medias aren't going to educate you towards standing up. The most recent evidence to this factuality is Iraq. Supporting of the sacrifice of our own men and women within a war built on lies, a nation stands silent in compliance, history and narratives betray us to a point we supported it again in Ukraine. We don't even recognize it as we fall divided within this hell purposely being perpetrated on us. Whether it's during war or socially, we have seemingly just succumbed to servitude.

William_Mary 8 June 5
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