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Pt. 1: Growing Networks to ‘Support Azov’

As previously reported on “Ukes, Kooks & Spooks” last year, the Azov movement in Ukraine sent a delegation to the United States that met numerous members of Congress (Pt. 1, Pt. 2), followed by two trips to Washington and New York by a neo-Nazi press officer of the Azov Regiment (Pt. 1, Pt.2).

More recently, another Azov delegation visited Israel as its far-right government came to power. Meanwhile in western Ukraine, Azov’s military forces staged a “viking longboat burning ceremony” at which the far-right movement seemed to unveil a sanitized version of its Nazi wolfsangel symbol. The new emblem was first introduced last summer for “Support Azov,” an international charity wing created in 2022.


Pt. 2: The Intermarium Project

To recap Part One, “Support Azov” (SA) was established last summer as the international fundraising arm of Ukraine’s notorious neo-Nazi movement. It is managed by a prominent figure in the National Corps, the political party led by Azov founder Andriy Biletsky. The Azov charity might just be an extension of the Intermarium Support Group (ISG), a far-right geopolitical project coordinated by the “International Secretary” of the National Corps. The ISG and SA were both created on the initiative of Biletsky, who once said that it is Ukraine’s mission to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade… against semite-led [subhumans].”


I must reiterate that we're witnessing a rebirth, at the least, attempt of a rebirth, of a horrendous ideology from the WWll era. At the expense of western governments having allowed thousands of Nazi's to spread across the globe after that war. In many cases, helping them to avoid prosecution then spreading them across the globe. Above I highlighted some pertinent text in hope of drawing attention towards correlations with previously posted articles and conjecture of that spread and 2 primary attributes. Which collaborate together in supporting of this newly growing widespread ideology. The 2 articles, which I believe are written by MOSS ROBESON, will expose the many criminals and types of funding associated therein. Robeson also has a few articles at The Grayzone which I'll post the link to them below. Within that link are a few other good articles on the Ukraine issue by 2 other journalist. Blumenthal who is the editor and founder of The Grayzone, an accomplished investigative journalist. Both who have extensively covered the Ukraine issue.

If you want a direct source that exposes many foreign affairs crimes in regards to who's behind them and funding them, The Grayzone is on top of the list in my opinion. It makes connects of all the links and names with detailed accounts in regards to governments, NGOs, think tanks, and intelligence agencies. That can only be challenged with false accusations without evidence and is probably the most staunchly attacked news source by the capitalist system.

I got to far into reading this to do my usual commentary to begin over as these articles are long. I'm sure some will be happy. Ha! But I want to at least leave that with the following. Anyone who knows the history behind it might enjoy it and understand the correlation it serves. And my opening comment.

{Like the proverbial cat, some concepts have several lives. Or, like the mythological phoenix, they can be reborn from the ashes. This is certainly the case of the Intermarium, a geopolitical concept that envisaged an alliance of countries reaching from the Baltic Sea over the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea that would serve as a third power bloc between Germany and Russia. The Intermarium belongs to the long genealogy of geopolitical concepts looking for and promoting a Central and Eastern European unity: sandwiched between a Mitteleuropa under German leadership in the nineteenth century and a Near Abroad under Moscow’s supervision after 1991, the “middle of Europe” or the “land between the seas” has been searching for historical models in everything from the Jagellonian dynasty and the Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita to the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Launched by Polish state leader Józef Piłsudski in the 1920s, the idea of a Międzymorze (the Land between the Seas, latinized as Intermarium) has since been regularly revived in evolving contexts and finds itself reactivated today. In its current form, it refers to the Central and Eastern “new Europe” dear to George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and now Donald Trump, celebrated for being more pro-Atlanticist than the Western “old Europe,” which is seen as being too conciliatory with Russia. The Intermarium has also, gradually, come to comprise a conservative Central and Eastern Europe that sees itself as the “other” Europe — that is, opposed to the European Union — and advances a conservative agenda sometimes permeable, as we see in the Ukrainian case, to far-right ideological schemes.}

Intermarium ---- []

Take notice. The reverberating narrative is century's of a desire to tear Russia or the USSR apart. Splitting Ukraine from Russia seemingly another agenda. Which Lenin accomplished. Obviously another of Lenin's worst mistakes after betraying the revolution.

MOSS ROBESON and other articles on Ukraine


William_Mary 8 Feb 6
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