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Welcome to Out Of The Illusion. My goal is to share news from outside of the main stream media (MSM) with events happening around the world they will not tell you. Or, when they tell you, it's what little they're told to tell you. Which always comes with limited information and or information designed to deceive you. Often in repetitive mode by all MSM used to manage your perception which they need you to believe is real, but actually is a designed illusion. Take to mind that our MSM was once owned by dozens of different companies. Beginning in the 80's this started to change. By the 90's Bill Clinton and our great, I say that loosely, 2 party establishment representatives made a law which allowed to today 6 companies to own about 90% of all news you get on TV and radio. That is a designed measure to control what you see and hear. This is something that has been going on since as early as the 60's. Some would argue since WWI actually. But the CIA has been fully engaged in this systematic illusion particularly since the 80's as the Reagan administration ramped up further warring and interference into Central America under the guise of regime change, installing puppet governments for the cause. A prelude to never ending world war on a small scale to colonization, control of natural resources, world dominance, and most important to them, to keep any sense of a type of social governing in that area to come to a meaningful fruitful effect. We now have seen its spread to the Middle East with horrific devastation that has in all aspects created the very opposite of the goals we were told our move to the area would bring. And actually supported the very people we were suppose to be stamping out. I mean quite literally supporting!

Above in the #'s are my favorite news sources for independent information. You'll find Abby Martin's name in there. I can't phase her enough! She is a REAL investigative journalist that puts herself in harms way often to get the truth and facts you won't find in MSM. Currently doing most her work through teleSur. Which you'll find above also. A Latin American new source which can keep you up to date with that area south of us. Owned and ran by 6 countries in the region. If you want the truth to what is really going on in Venezuela and other countries in the region, it is the source and Abby is the journalist to follow. Also under the group name you'll find a link to Abby's Empire Files. In which you'll find a list of videos of the places she's done her work with great insight to another world of facts you don't get from MSM. If you're interested in the truth about Venezuela, I highly recommend watching Abby Martin in Venezuela - Supermarkets to Black Markets.

And her interviews with some of the government people from there.

The Real News Network with Paul Jay is a top independent news source completely self sustaining by donations out of control of the media hoard. I especially like the time they spend with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. He makes no bones about the empire building we are engaged in and has deep discontent with the role he was used in to help sell the false narrative to go to Iraq via Powell. He claims we could be in Afghanistan as long as half a century. We are well into that half a century!

Consortium news, founded by Robert Parry. Another great REAL investigative journalist. Past away this last January. Brought light to the Iran-Contra affair. Another journalist that in his time put himself in harms way, especially during the Central American warring and regime changes I mentioned above. Spoke out long ago on how the media was being taken over in the 80's and a systematic managed perception was being perpetrated onto the population of our country for the preparation of never ending war. He also worked with Gary Webb on the crack outbreak in the 80's. Dark Alliance. You can get a sense of Robert through a MEMORIAM writing by the site still ran by the family.


Truthout is another good source of news as Common Dreams. How ever, Common Dreams isn't quite what it use to be. Some of the writers from there today tend to allow the establishment to bleed through their work. You can find both of them on facehack or their own site. I've been following both for several years and must admit, Common Dreams has some really intelligent people on their comment boards. Although since it's induction to facehack some trolls have brought even that down a notch or 2. They aren't afraid to call establishment bullshit when certain writers tow the deep state line.

Caitlin Johnstone is a writer from Australia. I discovered her a few months ago and just like the way she, well, get out of my fucking head! I wish I was rich enough to do what she's does everyday. But then you all would be sick to death of me here. 🙂 Or I'd ...

William_Mary 8 Apr 1
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I don't respond affirmatively to preaching or pushy sales messages. I'll remember "consortium news" so I can avoid it.

BitFlipper Level 8 Sep 25, 2019

Is Chris Hedges Democracy NOW and Ralph Nader on your list ?

I post many of Hedges RT shows here on the weekends. I don't get many members who seem to like watching videos here so I tend to try to keep them on the weekends when I have time to view them before posting them. That way I can add my own comments to them if I have any points I want to make to it also. And his articles can be found throughout the months. Hedges is one of my favorites being he's a socialistic minded political figure. Right now he has one out with the managing editor of Wikileaks. I'm not getting many hits on Wikileaks or Assange to spend my time on it. I do also post Nader"s articles as they come in through Common Dreams, usually, and Truthout. Another favorite. I'm not however to big on Democracy Now. Not that I haven't posted any material from them, but I find they tend to tow the party line to often to spend a lot of time on them. But if it involves one of my favorite journalist on current issues, yes.

You're more than welcome to post them if you would like to do so. Fair warning though. 🙂 If see what I consider false establishment narrative, I'll engage a debate with you over it. But I promise to do so with respect and substance from other articles and or journalist along with my developed opinion doing so.

I don't take kindly to people who only deliver useless established rhetoric without intelligently based information in which they formed an opinion on that I can conduct an intellectual discussion on. If I want that I'll go back to facehack! If I provide substance, I expect you use it, and I'll give you the same respect. Telling me my sources are in any sense useless because of person or location or using rhetoric of establishment narrative that is used to deter alternative journalism without at least giving it a read, is a quick way for me to lose interest in a person. I then begin to see the makings of a troll. I'm fairly good at knowing when someone has ignored my post and comments from ignorance with a particular goal or simple need to be seen and heard.

@William_Mary thank you for all you do skillfully and candidly

@GreenAtheist I hope to see more of you in the group, look forward to a new face and opinions actually! I already have a liking toward you just from you name 🙂


You are preaching to a tiny choir & will never accomplish anything.
However, take Ghandi's advice & carry on anyway.


You've probably seen it already, but a great documentary on the mainstream media is called, "Manufacturing Consent" with Noam Chomsky. It was made in 1992, but it's just as relevant today.


What you're saying is, don't trust the media unless it agrees with you.

The mainstream is the mainstream for a reason; it has the most resources, it's most reliable, and it checks its sources. I'm extremely dubious (not to mention suspicious) of anyone claiming to have found "the hidden truth" all by themselves, for the world to see. That's the stuff of great fiction and mythology, but not real life.

Woodward and Bernstein uncovered Watergate because they had a huge staff of researchers and assistants and editors backing them up. That's how investigative journalism works. Not a lone wolf reporter who knows The Truth Is Out There.

Paul4747 Level 8 July 23, 2018

Too much truth spoken in this group...which would probably upset about ninety percent of the members on this site who worship the likes of CNN and MSM.

SpikeTalon Level 9 July 13, 2018

I have to admit I was quite naive coming into this site thinking I'd find more open mined people. But I quickly came to find that within the same type of manged perception religion engulfs over a large part of our population, so does the MSM with seemingly most people here. I actually figured if people were able to step out of that illusion, of organized religion, surely they would have a better conscience to seek out truth within our politics and its consequences around the world.

@William_Mary They left organized religion only to adopt big government as their new god...


You got balls man big ones the truth is the single hardest thing to find . So I applaud anyone willing to stand up and scream about capitalist pigs or misinformation wich makes change dam near impossible cutos🙂

It does seem to be an endless thankless chore. Thank you! I hope you stick around and add your opinion.


You are not God. It is not your job to "Lecture" us. Who do you think you are? I find your smugness reprehensible!

JK666 Level 7 June 22, 2018

And what is it that your attempting to do to me right now? Or is this you speaking into a mirror giving your own ego a sample of your great worldly wisdom that just miraculously ended up typing itself out on my groups forum.

@William_Mary Go make love to yourself!

Smugness, can you please tell me more about it?


This seems to be happening now


This is an interview by Abby Martin with Mark Crispin Miller which goes along with the narrative of the group. I thought it would be a good start to set it up.

This is all stuff Noam Chomsky has been saying for decades. Where have you been?

A brilliant flawless discussion punctuated by Congressional testimony and precise citations....however....propagandists ignored good AND BAD are the Quakers and zionists/missionaries who are manipulated by CIA agents globally

QUAKERS American Friends Service Committee has a 3 story lobbyist bldg east of the Senate Office Bldg....humanizing somewhat fascist genocidal USA programs

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