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It has been almost 2 months since my daughter and I have been eating vegetarian. A few pics of our fav... tacos with fried cauliflower/cumin batter! They were awesome! Also baked won tons with spicy chili potatoes and salsa. French fries with different sauces. Homemade cinnamon bread. It is tougher to eat-out than we imagined, especially for her at high school, but we don't do it often. ?

Nightshade1313 7 Mar 10
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If you want to eat out, try the Happy Cow app. It will direct you to vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over the world. I was in Berlin with a vegan friend to see Barack Obama speak in 2008, and we had some time before the event, so I searched for a nearby restaurant with it. We found a great little restaurant just around the corner from where we were.

GinaMaria Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

Love Ruby Tursday salad bar

Had dinner there with Elizabeth and Dennis KUCINICH

Is the Ruby Tuesday salad bar organic/non-GMO, by chance, or am I being silly for asking? If not, it's a public health hazard as are most eateries, IMHO, and probably just as bad as, if not worse than, consuming factory-farmed animal products are for human health wellness.

@ScrabbleQueen thank you for alerting me to such concerns....please contact KUCINICH in care of FOX NEWS yes he works there now maybe health concerns can get some real journalism out to the viewers who need it


Way to go!!!!

Wildgreens Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

That looks very good... I've made that cauliflower before... It's very delicious ?


I've been eating vegetarian for 4 months now and my doc took me off my BP meds as she said I no longer needed it and have now taken off 15 pounds! Feeling so much better! Keep going you can do it!!!

@Gooniesnvrdie I eventually will knock out the dairy, but right now I'm getting my eggs and dairy from some pretty great farmers who don't butcher their animals so feel ok about eating the eggs and using a little creamer in my coffee.

@Nightshade1313 I am not doing cheese as I haven't found any farmers around here that make it. I don't want to eat the store bought stuff.


Good job SHRINK the industrial animal cadaver alleged food market....for all you carnivores buy local from a herd or coop and butcher with local meat lockers....most slaughterhouse gangsters are Rethuglicans and we have Atheist small ranchers right here in agnosticland


You must live in a vegetarian desert. Here, vegetarian/vegan restaurants are all over. It is really nice to go vegetarian with another person. My 2nd partner and I did this together albeit slowly. No cold tofurkey for us.

JackPedigo Level 9 Mar 10, 2019

@Nightshade1313 Funny, it's usually the other way around. The child finds out where 'meat' comes from and then wants to go vegetarian.

@Nightshade1313 Good for you. That's real parenting to me.


This is awesome that you are doing it together. Keep it up sounds like you are having fun.

Veggies don't squeal their dying gasps like murdered "meat"

@GreenAtheist I'm sorry that you take offense to my post that was not meant for you.

@Corvislover not offended at all ....actually I am trying to keep friends with both vegans and carnivores....we Cherokee respect the lives lost in the hunt for food more than slaughterhouse wasteful industrial restaurants chains

@GreenAtheist your approach is lacking one of friendship.

@Corvislover the animal cadaver alleged food industry is a major cause of natural habitat destruction on a global scale = CLIMATE CHANGE... if friends lose sight of this fact; the burning of fossil fuels melting polar ice below freezing TEMPERATURES will be compounded by excess methane production

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