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Ive been watching youtube. Thought i would share.
confidentrealm 7 June 9
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Eat pure food and stop murdering other animals

I agree. I guess I didn't realize how bad it is in the dairy industry. I grew up in farm country. Back then farmers would never have a treated animals so badly. There's something wrong with the people running these corporate farms. They must have no feelings besides greed. How can anyone treat a living creature that way?

@confidentrealm I too grew up farming milking cows by hand careful to clean around a sow and her babies brushing horses feeding each just the right amount of corn or oats filing hooves nailing shoes.....every penny was watched on the farm and we "canned" our food into Bell Jars....corporate farms hire illegal aliens ....some of them must want to get fired so they can go sell dope and pimp back in the barrios

They are sociopathic, no empathy whatsoever. Greedy bastards.

@GreenAtheist nothing is as it was. Greed has taken over.

@confidentrealm greed destroys art....Rockefeller tried to pimp Frida Kahlo and her great mural lover Diego Rivera.....Harvey Weinstein merged greed with his rapist personality....need not greed....Vatican is all about greed breeding as many slaves to the rapist fat priests....the Vatican invented the lie white xians can sail around the flat earth and "discover" land enslave the "savages" there and steal everything they value 50 years b4 Columbus went to Spain for funding a shitty 3 ship armada

@GreenAtheist I'm doing my small part, nothing more I can do.

@confidentrealm proud proud proud of you pal


An eye opener. I've been getting myself off of cheese of all kinds. I still like my eggs, but get them from a local farmer so I know the chickens are not kept in cages. Right now I'm vegetarian but am working towards total Vegan. Thanks for sharing.


I have seen many of these videos, read books and attended lectures. I am waaaay past conversion. To meat is akin to religion. An article in todays paper had a report on how the pork industry is using more and more anti-biotics. Pork is becoming the no. 1 meat.

JackPedigo Level 9 June 9, 2019

I don't eat meat but I have been eating cheese. I think I'm not going to eat that anymore.

@confidentrealm There are lots of vegan cheeses on the market. Some are very good.

@JackPedigo I tried a couple and didn't like them. I will live without cheese.

@confidentrealm Yes, I supposed it's an acquired taste. But so is regular cheese to some cultures.


Thank you for sharing!

It's a difficult one to watch. I was so sad at the end, I don't think I'll eat cheese anymore.

@confidentrealm Have you seen Dominion?

@confidentrealm Thank you for sharing this video.

@Wildgreens no

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