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Meat industry attempts to slaughter vegetarian food. They
want to outlaw the use of certain words on vegetarian food labels, ban veggie "burger", veggie "hotdog" and soy"milk". The goal is to force veggie companies to relabel, lose money, and ultimately give profit to the meat industry. I've been eating this stuff over 20 years. I've never heard of someone traumatized by not having anus in their hotdog, but I have heard of ptsd in slaughterhouse workers. I have heard that the meat industry contributes to global warming. There is no reasonable basis in restricting the labels this way. Saying it is to stop people from confused, I think the meat backers were even laughing when they came up with that. It is an extremely poor argument and not even remotely masking the motivation behind it. At least a generation of people have grown up buying and eating veggie burgers, boca burgers, etc.


thinkwithme 7 Aug 16
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When I think of all meats I think animal cruelty, that’s nothing that I want to contribute to.

Wildgreens Level 8 Nov 23, 2019

Yeah, because they see the end coming for their products. Meat production is not sustainable, healthy or even moral. The slaughter of sentient beings is now being viewed as it is, disgusting. I just heard this yesterday and more and more are getting the message: []

JackPedigo Level 9 Aug 17, 2019

Banning the use of certain words is crazy... Especially in marketing... What's a Whopper? That's not descriptive of the product.... People have been giving creative names to their products forever ..

like zebra cakes arent zebras. Girl scout cookies arent made of girl scouts etc...

@thinkwithme eggactly... 😃


Unless the meat industry has registered these words as trademarks, they have no legal claim to them. For a court to rule otherwise would be a violation of the First Amendment.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 17, 2019

It’s just the same old, same old. The status quo trying to maintain itself and keep its stakeholders rich/ employees in a job, ( that last one sometimes more of a byproduct than an aim).

I think the new industry could be creative in some instances and still be descriptive. The trend for plant based is too strong to go away easily, I think it’s more of a desperate attempt than a real threat.

If they do go ahead and we create new words for, ‘sausage like’ etc. the meat industry may ultimately lose out; as a new generation will not even relate these items to meat, and thus want to compare it with the, ‘real thing’.

The 'employees' are very often immigrants here illegally and who are being exploited by the meat industries. A book I have read and donated to our library highlighted this. []
The author said he originally wanted to investigate how some industries exploited it workers. He was from Indonesia and because of his skin color found a job at a slaughterhouse in Omaha. What he discovered was even more horrible than he originally imagined. It is worth reading not just for the meat industry crimes but the general attitude of large corporations that are involved in the food industry. Shades of "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.

@JackPedigo as far as I'm aware we don't have that issue in the UK and Australia as much. We have plenty of legal workers that came from other Countries working in the meat industries in those Countries though.

@girlwithsmiles Years ago I went with a group of amateur orchardists to N. Italy to study their methods. One thing I learned was that members of the EU (mostly E Europe) travel to work the fields. Often they bring their trailers. The farms is Italy are usually less then 2 hectares and often the framer doesn't even live on the farm but in the villages in apartments. The farms are often a part of a collective which takes care of things like infrastructure, advertising and sales and sets the rules. Occasionally, a farmer tries to hire illegal workers from N. Africa but it often doesn't work and the farmer doesn't make it. I am sure this is the same with the meat industry but wonder if things will change under Brexit.

@JackPedigo interesting, thanks. Some Immigrants left the UK as they felt unhappy with Brexit; but I believe numbers are on the rise again.

@girlwithsmiles And Brexit still has not happened and the clock is ticking. Whereas I understand some of the 'beef' with the rules from the Eur. Union. I don't understand why a amicable deal can't be worked out.

@JackPedigo I do believe that Mrs May was trying her hardest. However for some reason the consulting circle wasn’t big enough and so her own party rejected the deal she reached, (multiple times). It’s a bit sad as the previous prime minister that called the referendum then quit and May took the job on at a difficult time. Politics, you only ever know half the story; but it’s certainly been a tricky ride. All the voters can do is hope for the best really. Personally I voted to stay in the EU- but most of my friends didn’t.

@girlwithsmiles For some reason Britain was never a willing partner. I do understand some of their 'beef' with the EU but I always thought some of the issues could have been worked out (like continued use of the pound). The clock is running and soon there won't be a chance to make a deal.

@JackPedigo yes, you’re right. Use of the pound was never an issue though, as far as I’m aware, uk had been part of Europe for ages and there was no pressure to have euros 😉

@girlwithsmiles I was living in Germany when all this happened and I do remember the pound/dollar ratio went down. I also seem to remember some discussions about the pound/Euro. Some countries chose to stay on their own currencies and some chose to adopt the Euro.


Force the bastards to label their sliced cadavers, ground dead cows are NOT "ham" burgers.....murdered pig is not is sliced sow belly that used to lactate and feed a dozen baby pigs from teats.....where did the chicken feathers go from Buffalo NY ANCHOR BAR "wings"...liars in labeling wanting to stop vegan hot dog shaped soy protein from keeping people healthy and fed ?? Thank you for this post....fight back against the mammal and bird killers by the billions


It's not surprising -- just typically disappointing. We can't have anything threatening the profit margins of established companies.

What if someone accidentally tried something new and liked it and stayed away? What a horrible thought. /snark

Again. I wish I didn't expect this behavior. 😠

RichCC Level 7 Aug 16, 2019
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