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Udder Flaming

Wildgreens 8 Dec 4
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I never heard of this practice. I googled to see if it allowed in Australia and I come across this article from an american vet urging our farmers to implement this practice. He says it doesn't harm the cow. Well I'd like to burn the hairs off his testicles with a blow torch and he can tell me if it hurts or not.


Yet another reason to avoid milk products. It's almost akin to tobacco.


Apparently to prevent mastitis, which can be fatal to the cow. (I’ve also heard it’s also a reason that cows are mass fed antibiotics and there is a regulation about how much pus from mastitis is allowed in milk, yummy!) personally if I have a guest that I need to buy milk in for I buy organic if possible 😉[] (article on mastitis in dairy cows).

There are other milk alternatives if you have a guest.

Udder flaming is a dairy farming practice where workers run blowtorches under the udders of cows to burn off their little hairs. This helps to facilitate the work of the sucking machines designed to imitate a calf and trick the cows bodies into giving milk.

@wildgreens not in the UK, but our farming practices are massively different. I’m allergic to milk so am pretty well informed on milk alternatives 😉


I posted this on FB a while back. More horrors for the poor animals b/c humans choose to be appalling beings.

Thanks, I love the livekindly magazine. Tons of information on there.

@Wildgreens I'm actually not impressed with it, Livekindly. They embellish headlines as click-bait, misuse the word vegan almost daily and rely n celebrities which will blow up in their face, a lesson learned by Peta (which I do not support). It does provide very broad strokes of new items suitable for vegans so good for newbies and "feel-good" people, but I find it misleading frequently.

@Susan4birds Thank you for sharing that Susan. I am always learning something from you.Yes I don’t support PETA either. I don’t agree with certain things that PETA is in favor of.😊💚💚😊💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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