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Sheep Milk

Wildgreens 8 Dec 4
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I still remember what happened to the fur industry when clubbing baby seals was shown. Now, many of the meat/dairy have made the practice of exposing their practices illegal. Luckily, some information still gets out. Unfortunately, too many people just don't want to know.

Baby seals the cruelty is also heartbreaking. Cognitive dissonance, is why people just turn away from animal cruelty. They rather not know. I read that on the average a vegan saves 197-200 lives a year for just not consuming them.


I know. It's enough to turn anyone into a vegan. And the meat processing plants are horrible too.

One would think so but many regard meat worship like a religion. Nothing will deter them.

That’s how it happened for me. Once I was aware, that was all I needed to see.