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There’s this perception that it’s expensive to eat like a vegan. He’s one example.

Wildgreens 7 Dec 10
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Don't think it's so much vegan but the source of foodstuffs. Organ and non-GMO adds to the expense. The question should be which is more expensive, food or medications? Of course this doesn't include the price of health and the value of not (physically) suffering. I know, for some going vegetarian creates some mental suffering.

JackPedigo Level 9 Dec 11, 2019

Mmm by the time I’ve added my organic almonds, pepitas and seeds to the vegan one myself. It’s a bit more, but I’m not in the least bit interested in eating meat for breakfast. It’s a strange world when some people are claiming that their wallet rules their life, even when they’re affluent. There are so many other concerns: I do hope the pigs and chickens are free range 😊


How about a flexatarian...

I think the chart is skewed a bit...