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Love me some broccoli

Ramone 5 Dec 16
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I cut all of my veggies in tiny pieces. Last night I had broccoli with the rest of my dinner.
No oils of any kind just a little water
brown rice noodles
nutritional yeast (brag brand)
liquid aminos (brag brand)
coconut flour
peanut flour
sweet potatoes
bok choy
I had made extra crumble for an apple crumble so I just put the
crumble on top on my dinner.
This time with leftovers I did jasmine rice with it and it was delicious as well.

Wildgreens Level 8 Dec 17, 2019

Yummy 😊


Me too love it

bobwjr Level 9 Dec 16, 2019



I love broccoli, ex hated it. Kids don't usually eat it now, I fed it to them too often when they were growing up. I eat it as often as I want, and I eat mostly vegetarian.


We used to have broccoli all the time. Now there's just me so don't eat it much. Need to find some easy recipes.

JackPedigo Level 9 Dec 16, 2019

Recipes? Add to everything!

Owh, Blanche broccoli, fry up some garlic and onion minced or diced and then flash fry the brocolli and some sugar snap peas and red pepper/Capsicum in it. Serve with a splash more olive oil or balsamic to taste. Delicious πŸ˜‰ (I call it Lino Sung’s brocolli salad after the Timorese chef that taught me the recipe.)

@girlwithsmiles Thank you. The one I often use is simply to heat some oil and saute some smashed garlic. Remove the garlic and saute broccoli (I add some carrots) until brown on several sides. Add a small mixture of soy sauce, vegetable broth and lemon juice. Cover and cook until the mixture is evaporated. It's very good but not something I will make that often.

Sounds good, I think I swapped balsamic for soy by mistake actually, don’t have cook book with me πŸ˜‰

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