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Does anyone else use the nutritional yeast?
It’s loaded with so many B vitamins. Be cautious that you don’t get too much B12. My blood work stated that I have tons of B12 in my system. I have not felt physically bad. I am still using the nutritional yeast because I use it daily to cook with. If I don’t cook I take a tablespoon of it because it’s delicious!!
My Dr said that she’s not concerned about the too much B12, she just said to monitor if I felt ill.
She wants to do blood work again in 3 months just to monitor blood levels.
Before I was a meat eater I had anemia and nothing helped but getting blood infusions. I was eating meat every single day thinking that I would up the B12 levels that way. That just led to high cholesterol and arthritis getting worse. I did not know at the time that meat causes inflammation so that explains that.
When I became a vegan that fixed itself on its own. So that shows me that I was actually deficient in nutrients. I was not giving my body what it needed.

Wildgreens 7 Dec 18
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I haven't tried this yet. I was not aware of its uses as a seasoning until it was mentioned in a book I am currently reading about plant based diets. I plan to give it a try.

BDair Level 7 Dec 23, 2019

I found it for the first time this past week at my local supermarket. Usually I get it from the Vegan shop but have travel to city for that. I am so thrilled that supermarkets in my area are now stocking alternative foods. It is getting much easier to be vegan these days.

I know what you mean. We always appreciate options.


It should be noted that Brewers Yeast is not have B12 naturally. The B12 listed on the label
are FORTIFIED, that is added to it.

It's no different than any other B12 supplement.

Bob4Health Level 5 Dec 18, 2019

I like the flavor but I didn't know about the benefits of b vitamins. My doctor told me to take b supplements but if nutritional yeast is loaded with them, I will add them to my every day diet.


I use it all the time. Get it in bulk from our local co-op type of store. It's supposed to resemble cheese and I even have a mac n cheese (+ peas) that uses it instead of cheese. However, didn't know about the B-12 link but do now. Thanks.

JackPedigo Level 9 Dec 18, 2019

Nope, haven't used it... Maybe ill check it out...

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