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LINK There will eventually be 25 hours in a day, thanks to the moon

Then maybe I'll be able to get everything done!

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There will also be no total solar eclipses. Damn.


This is a fascinating topic. Its called tidal breaking. The moon tries to pull the bulging high tide below it in the opposite direction as it tries to rotate away from the moon, slowing the entire earth's rotation in the process. Eventually we will be tidally locked to the moon just like it is locked to us now. At that point far in the future, the days will stop lengthening and one poor side of the earth will never face the moon again

Interesting, I hadn't come across that before. Thanks

Isn't the jury out on our vaporization? I thought there was a possibility that the mass loss of the dying sun could put us in a more distant orbit preventing out total destruction

So you’re saying we’re definitely toast? Lol
Thanks for the updated info

Actually, I was surprised how quickly earth will become too hot for anything other than extremophiles. I forget the exact number, maybe 10s or 100s of millions of years


At the other end of the spectrum, imagine when their used to be 10 hour days


I'm sorry, but days have not been defined by the movement of celestial bodies for ages. We will still have 24 hours in a day, because ALL calendar calculation is built off of clock-time, not stupid subjective celestial motion time.

Wait nvm, this is Yahoo! news, so of course they're going to put up something dumb.


The good news is that the year will be shorter. I'm gonna live to be a hundred and five! Hahahaha


Eventually there will be no earth


It's a long way off.


In the US, do you think we'll get an extra hour to sleep or have to work? I'm crossing my fingers for sleep.

See my comment

@DZhukovin ok...and?


See this comment too

@DZhukovin very insightful 😛

@joeymf86 And see this comment too


There will eventually be a 30 hour day and a 40 hour day. Can you imagine having to work that many more hours in a day?


Time for a new T shirt.

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