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LINK Mainstream Media’s One-Sided Coverage of the Great March of Return: a Case Study

Media bias on Israel/Palestine continues...

Krish55 8 June 8

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Interesting article which confronts people with the pretty extreme media bias in this case. It makes me wonder how that originates - its been persistent over the years, in a land of ostensibly free press.

Denker Level 7 June 10, 2018

Another Israeli historian documenting the terror that drove Palestinians out...[]


Israeli historian documents the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians...[]


I take neither side. They have both committed atrocities. And, Palestinians first fled their homes assuming that the Jews were going to be slaughtered. I'm not getting in the middle of this convoluted fight. They deserve each other.

You may not realize this, but your comment makes you sound a little superior and a lot "above it all." The former may be true, but the latter is not. Two Israeli prime ministers, Begin and Shamir were wanted by the British for the Jewish terrorism that drove out the Palestinians. This terrorism has been conclusively documented by contemporary Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappe and Benny Morris, which I'll link below. I understand that you don't know this because our news is one-sided. So you've understandably come to accept the excuses for ethnic cleansing. So now, look at those books. And you're definitely not above it all. Your taxes fund Israel occupation and repression at a few billion per year.

@Krish55 what I know about the conflict did not come from any news source. I’m a bit tired of the old “msm is lying to you”. And I never said there were no Israeli terrorists. Quite the opposite, I think

@FreethoughtKaty It's not a matter of lying, but of omissions and distortions which create a wrong impression, such as your original claim that Palestinians fled of their own free will. What do you feel the article got wrong in terms of facts or reasoning?

@Krish55 it seems to try and counter pro Israel bias with pro Palestinian bias. Israel has the upper hand but the conflict is in no way one sided and neither side can claim they aren’t loaded with depraved sickos. Two assholes terrorize each other and I say let them have at each other.

@FreethoughtKaty here again making yourself sound Superior. And Trying to sound above it all. You're not! Your tax dollars fund the killing of Palestinians! How is the article inaccurately one-sided?

@Krish55 I was pretty clear, I think. I don’t owe you moral outrage.

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