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I hate blocking people. I disagree with several people on here, but I try really hard NOT to block anyone, even if for example every single political view they hold rubs me wrong, because I believe we have to respect one another's differences and limitations, including the intellectual ones. But if you're just down right RUDE to people and insist upon bad mouthing people because they still cling to their culture, things that comfort them, or other things that you don't agree with, welcome to my suddenly increasing blocked list. If I wanted to see people rip on one another for disagreeing and not meeting some arbitrary standard of perfection, I still have a FACEBOOK account I can spend my time on.

MsOliver 7 Dec 24

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Thanks MsOliver! BTW, We just pushed a way for members to see the people they blocked (so they can remove the block if they like). It's a new tab on the account settings... but only in the desktop version of the site.

Admin Level 9 Dec 24, 2017
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