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I believe I can change the world and I hate the word belief. Tell me what you think of my art?
I need help spreading it around so I can give it away or destroy it.

GodlessArtist 4 Dec 24

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I think the idea of taking pictures of it in so many places is interesting, but in the end, it doesn't need to be destroyed.


Are you seeking attention?

I'm an artist. You can't make more art if no one knows who you are.

@GodlessArtist , so you are seeking attention then, by threatening to destroy it.

@HeathenFarmer , there is a video on the site that explains it. How is it threatening? It’s out of frustration I’m doing it. I don’t know if you realize how expensive it is to make bronze and glass sculptures but I can assure you it’s very expensive. Do you like the sculpture? Does art enspire you at all? See it seems you’re being condicending and want to condemn me for things you don’t understand but imagine if you where truly inspired by my art and voted to save it 100 times on the site then told 2 friends and they voted the same and passed it to 2 friends. That only needs to happen 32 times to get the votes before I give it away which would take less then a day. I feel I need to destroy it to set me free of my own pain. I can’t afford to do the art that is in my head and that hurt runs deep. But maybe you just see the negative in everyone’s purpose without actually trying to help them. Shit if you started that chain you may be the one that gets a free sculpture!

@GodlessArtist , so far I have not found the site your address does not work for me, if it is the one in the picture it is beautiful so, sell it.

@HeathenFarmer is working fine. I tried to sell it for years.

@GodlessArtist , done two searches already haven't found it yet.

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