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Hi ????????. Another newbie here. I’m Tiffany, an American living in Norway. I’m so happy I found this site, and look forward to getting to know some of you. I’m already loving the thought-provoking discussions and the rational thoughts behind them. If you do the Chrimbo thing, I hope you had a fantastic holly jolly ????

IndySent 7 Dec 25

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Welcome. Read your profile. I'm also an ordained minister, though it seems like a lifetime ago. Norway is a big change from Florida. Stay warm.


Welcome. It is refreshing to find thought-provoking discussions with rational thinking people responding.

SamL Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

Hi are absolutely adorable from what I've read on your bio! Welcome!


Hello Tiffany, i'm new to the site myself and I discovered the same thing haha. So far it seems like an interesting group with a lot of really cool topics for discussion. Anyhow welcome, from one noob to another.

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