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LINK 5 Jewish Synagogues in the U.S. Will Go Vegan for a Year

"The Jewish diet is traditionally heavy in animal products including cured meats, dairy, and eggs — foods that are repeatedly linked to human health issues including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Jewish women reportedly have some of the highest breast cancer rates in the world. And while genetics play a critical part in that elevated risk, a plant-based diet has been shown to help reduce the risk and improve recovery for certain forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

Raising animals for food is also detrimental to the planet; livestock produce an overwhelming number of greenhouse gases, use a significant amount of natural resources, and pose serious risks to the world’s oceans through factory farm runoff."

SkotlandSkye 8 June 13

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First, there are no christian or muslim synagogues. When you use the word 'synagogue', jewish is implied. Second, jews eat a lot of rich and unhealthy foods. I know this because I've been there and done that. However, going vegan isn't necessary. All they would need to do is reduce the amount of meat they eat by 50% or a bit more and get away from the kosher nonsense that relies on lots of salt. Third, there aren't enough jews in the world (less that 0.2% of the world population) so as to make even a slight difference overall.

Fourth, this article was generated by a vegan advocacy group and I suggest that there might be just a little bias there. I do not argue against the statement that the jewish diet is over the top in bad stuff, but I do argue that 1) it isn't necessary that the world go vegan and 2) a strict vegan diet is not the ideal for our species, though it is certainly better than a steady diet of MacMonsters with secret sauce and MacNacho Cheese Fries.

Riiiight. The "vegan advocacy group" made this up instead of just reporting on the news. LOL. Also, send the author a complaint about the headline, because who exactly are you trying to complain to here? LOL Thank you for agreeing that dead animal flesh is a big problem!!! YOU RECOMMEND A 50% reduction!!! I'm so glad you see that TRUTH! But, 100% is even better! YAY!

@SkotlandSkye -- Discussing anything with believers is always difficult. I understand you are passionate about this subject. It is more than obvious, but you needn't shout at me. I am an old man and fragile, but I'm not hard of reading. All caps are not needed.

No, the advocacy group's article was not made up, but they loaded (spun) the information pretty strongly. From the mission statement of the advocacy group that set up the challenge: "The Shamayim V'Aretz Institute is a Jewish animal welfare organization that educates leaders, trains advocates, and leads campaigns for the ethical treatment of animals."

They have and push their agenda just like any other advocacy group does, and that's fine. Oh, and I'm not saying anyone is wrong here when it comes to the jewish diet or any other diet -- vegans included. I have lived on the jewish diet. What I am saying is that believers of all stripes, regardless of their agenda, frequently lose sight of the rational approach and tend to go overboard and use monorail thinking.

I am a sensible omnivore. That is to say, I don't go overboard on anything and try to maintain a good balance. I eat a little meat during each weak, similar to an average Asian diet. I supplement needed vitamins and minerals. Unlike you, I will not forego my occasional steak, but it's usually a small one and accompanied by a big salad and a baked potato. I use olive and canola oils.

So, for whatever it's worth, don't scream at people and don't put words into my mouth. Also, for what it's worth, Dr. Michael Greger is right, but I will remain an omnivore, thank you very much.


This subject comes up almost every day. The statement contains incredible bias, that of the self righteous vegans. I am a doctor and have studied this subject ad nauseum and the bias in this statement is largely wishful thinking.
Raising plants for food is extremely detrimental to the planet, uses natural resources, causes a huge loss in top soil that can never be reclaimed and the runoff from the fossil resource based fertilizer and the spray, such as Roundup and Chlorpyrifos is poisoning the planet, so don't give me the plant is better nonsense. Read The Vegetarian Myth and The Vegan Betrayal, get educated and get back to me.

Take it up with Dr. Michael Greger, MD who wrote the book "How NOT to Die" and then get back to me.
Also, what the hell do you think cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs eat? Because, duh, plants.

Dr. Greger is TRULY a Healthy Doc! 🙂

But I'll be happy to look at YOUR wikipedia page and your book, link please?

@SkotlandSkye By the by, Wikipedia isn't exactly the best site to gain more solid information. It's pretty notoriously skewed in the fact checking department.


I'd like to encourage everyone to study up on the relationship of livestock to corn production and environmental exploitation. It's some seriously bad juju! Corn is probably the most disastrous crop mankind has ever domesticated.


Following a vegan diet also does not violate Jewish dietary laws, with the exception of passover.

LEPeff Level 8 June 13, 2018

Nice try! Your reply is unworthy of a response.


It is apparent you are a fundamentalist vegan. Talking with you would be like talking to the president of Liberty University about god.
Dr Greger is a propagandist for the vegan crowd and has been roundly debunked.
And if he eats a vegan diet he is certainly not a healthy doc, much less a person, but I am done with you Scotland Skye. You are so prejudiced, you can't see the sky for the plants!!

Don't expect me to reply to any more of your rants.

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