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Do you have a favorite philosopher or school of thought?

macrobius 6 Dec 25

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You man not consider this a serious answer but I'll throw it out there. The first serious series of books I read, as a child, were the various works of John Muir. Years later I read everything Edward Abbey wrote. Their philosophy was saving the planet for future generations. It seems that school of thought has gone by the wayside.

gearl Level 7 Dec 25, 2017

Honestly, I appreciate this answer. The question I asked came to mind when I saw another question about favorite books. I immediately had my own answer in mind (The Stars My Destination had a profound influence on me as a high school student) and somehow extrapolated a general philosophy influence question from that chain of thought. It's all related and I'm a bit tickled at the fact that you ended up where I started 🙂

Desert Solitude was a good read.


I made a diagram outlining all the people that have influenced my thoughts including philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists...not sure if it's showing...

I can't see it right now but I sure would love to! Not a bad idea!


Thanks for the heads up... I'll work on trying to upload it. The image currently is 2MB which might be too large for the system... I'll see if I can downsize and display


george carlin and Sir David Attenborough.



Any Rand demonstrates amazing philosophies in her fiction that seem to transcend her understanding and actual philosophical writing.

You're certainly right about that last part 🙂


yea. buddha . his teaching help bring peace and morality. forgiveness ect. buddhism believe ot or not doesnt pressure the beliefs in god or spirits or afterlifes of any sort. its atheist and science friendly and doesnt even require you to agree with everything they teach. they extremely tollerant of others beliefs as well


Alan Watts for an easy read. And there's always a bit of humour as well. Must have a bit of humour when discussing 'deep' philosophical topics.


Neil Peart of Rush, because he had a deep understanding of many philosophies he expounded on in his lyrics. I have many "close seconds" but songs like "Anthem" and "Freewill" came to me at the right time and place.

Besides being a fully invested apathetic agnostic, I've utilized many concepts and techniques of many philosophies in daily life, meditation and in my arts.


Bertrand Russell


"Never Doubt the Man I See in The Mirror"


I guess socreties....I love the I know I know not.


Plato. Nietzsche. Marcus Aurelius....Kirkegaard....few others...must admit it has been a while I read Philosophy. However, I have read all classic philosophers.

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