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Did you find calm when you left religion behind?that was a post which i replay( No No, in fact make more problems in my life. I was in Jordan so being agnostic that means I am out 90% of the community. and at the same time, we are not a large number and must of us hidden . after I run to Netherland I see the agnostic refuse me because I am Arabian.

people like us we get hate and refuse from all sides even from the non-Arabic agnostic) and instead to get some unuseful support like some nice talking, I got someone who asks me in an indirect way to back to the Arabian world and back to Islam and that was my answer (what you saying is like you ask me back to Islam and Arabian world?! let me tell you something first I thing any agnostic how can not know the difference between Arabian and Muslims or who Judged on all Arabian because of the Islam he/she too much stupid to be agnostic and it is better to back to his religion. second, it is the government of USA and UK and other Europian countries who support the Islam to grow up on our land and make radicals leader so if I want to be the same like the must of the western agnostic then I have to Judged over you and take you as an enemy. finally, I am talking about my experience as an experience for agnostic Arabian who suffers because of your governments and you were watching. for what you say about the rich and successful it not go outside the first point " an agnostic must have an open mind and not looking for such like this differences) this an answer for all stupid agnostic who live outside the Arabian world and they do not know that their governments were for a long time do that to steal our land and our money.

Mansour 4 Dec 26

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